What are Your Worst Mental Illness Symptoms

I feel better. My depression lessened over the weekend, and I have a good feeling about where the rest of February will go when it comes to the depressive episode being entirely over.

I have not felt this good since the first week of January. While thinking about what to write this week on my blog I came up with a question that I want to pose to the followers and contributors of The Bipolar Writer blog. Just a couple of questions.

Identify what you struggle with…

What are your worst symptoms?

How do you dea?

Feel free to leave your comments down below! Let us use this as a stepping stone to something great. Maybe it will inspire you to write a blog post!

Always Keep Fighting


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30 thoughts on “What are Your Worst Mental Illness Symptoms

  1. I struggle with anxiety, depression and fleeting considerations of suicide.
    My worst symptoms would be dispair and rage/anger.
    I deal by running, crying, remembering the good moments, writing and by finding solice in my loved ones.

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      • Not only is it hard when I feel like no one listens or understands but when someone tells me to “calm down”. Every day is a learning experience and I still deal with my racing thoughts and my brain wanting to go 100 miles an hour and the suicidal thoughts (with no intent though).
        Hope you’re making strides as well! One day at a time!

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  2. I don’t struggle as much with depression as I used to. It’s mainly identity and anxiety issues. My worst symptoms are probably my overreacting to a situation because I’m not thinking clearly. When I’m anxious I often try to fix the problem right away with the first solution in my head, often times there’s an easier solution to the problem. Currently I’m trying to write more often to deal with my identity issues and for anxiety I stop and think about how to handle the situation to help come up with the best solution.

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  3. I struggle with avoidant personality disorder, dysthymia and anxiety of different kinds. My worst symptoms are self harm urges, feeling particularly self-loathing, feeling overwhelmed with emotions and anxiety when it’s more intense than usual. Music helps me a lot with it, as well as the silent support of my cat Misha and people who I’m close to.

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  4. I struggle with graphic images (that do not make sense e.g. a corpse chopped up in pieces) and irrational thoughts (that just pop right off my mind), two of which I just believe in without a second thought, which is strange but now I learn to process them, telling myself they are not real, they still haunt me sometimes. I used to be very weak, and talk very differently too. I cope with it by listening to music and emptying my thoughts.

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  5. I don’t like giving in to depression but what actually feels the worst is when I get that no energy feeling and start slacking on basic tasks, then I get up one morning and see all that needs to be done and just get paralyzed with overwhelm. Thank heaven for my cats, I love them so much I force myself to get going, I would never let their needs be neglected (just mine – dark laughter).

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  6. This is how it manifests. I posted it on Facebook today, but am nervous about the replies.

    1. I find myself comparing myself to others.
    2. I know I need balance and to relax, but I think of what I should be doing even though if I do it I know, I’ll feel like all I do is work.
    3. I just want to be appreciated for something outside of my day job.
    4. People say get more friends, but I reach out, and often I give more then I get.< But then think I'm probably arrogant for thinking this, or don't provide enough myself.
    5. I think about the people who's perception, of me is not valid, but it still hurts.
    (Most of the time I write, even though I know people think I should do more than put out novels on Amazon, locally or post things on my blog site. I look at the people who encourage me in spite of my downfalls or lack of being a best-selling author. I personally know what I do is for myself, but it does hurt when others don't acknowledge my attempts to be someone. I also try to have gratitude for people who choose to be in my life rather than those who don't. It doesn't mean that my depression doesn't exist or creep up on me. These are things I do to cope. I try to be my own cheerleader by writing inspirational quotes. And I often reach out to friends or join groups online that relate to my passions. I find it difficult to meet with people in my area who share my same ideals. This makes life challenging at best.


  7. Major Depression here. What surprised me was how bloody angry I could get while depressed. So angry that I couldn’t leave the house without yelling at someone.

    Now, I need to preface this by saying I live in NYC and people give you perfectly valid reasons to yell at them every day, but I started to worry that I was going to get stabbed in the head on the Subway for asking yet another person to use headphones. I had my meds adjusted so I’m not sure if it’s that or my not wanting to get stabbed to death that has curtailed the yelling, but something seems to be working.

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  8. Reblogged this on My Mentally Interesting Life and commented:
    This really hits home as it is what drove me to seek out a mental health team for the first time in a while. What do I struggle with? Depression…the darkness. Lack of Motivation….to do anything. Anxiety…borderline flashbacks which are a new experience for me. I don’t shower, dress, or leave the house unless necessary. How do I deal with it? Nothing works right now except writing. I am proud of myself for taking the step and finding a great team to help me get back on track and leave the darkness behind me! Thank you, James, for a very thought-provoking post!

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  9. Can relate to so many of these things. The depression is horrible but the anxiety presenting itself in physical symptoms is much worse. It’s that constant back & forth I struggle with. Does anyone else? I write, run & talk to a therapist which does seem to help it subside for a bit 🙂

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  10. bipolar, depression, PTSD, anxiety

    My biggest symptoms are insomnia, anger, depressive episodes that include all around not taking care of myself, and not writing. Not writing doesn’t seem like a symptom, but for me it is. I just stop doing what I feel keeps me accountable. It is the one way in which I am completely honest about what is going on with my mental health. So….I force myself to write. Even if it is just to myself.

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  11. I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, but they have now removed that diagnosis because what I struggle the most with is PAIN. It leads to depression and high anxiety for me (which they mistook for mania).

    I have an autoimmune disease called Sjögrens Syndrome (with secondary fibromyalgia). Unfortunately, not much is known about Sjögrens, while at least they are finding SOME things out about fibromyalgia…(there have been a couple ideas floating around). The best way to describe Sjögrens is to say it’s a mix between lupus symptoms and rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. It has made me wonder WHY? I just don’t understand the purpose to put someone on earth to live through the misery… but then I look through my Bible and have a little hope. My faith keeps me going, it keeps me up.
    I actually threw out my back 2 days ago. I’m 27. 🙌🏼

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