Are we Too Connected to COVID-19? Is it Causing Anxiety?

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There is so much information out there about COVID-19, and there is essentially national and local information that we need in this ever-changing world we are now living in. Is it possible, though, that we can be too caught up in the death tolls here in the United States and around the world that it is causing a global issue of anxiety? I have to say the answer is a resounding yes, and here is why.

I always come from a position of experience. I found myself lost yesterday on my iPad, looking up statistics, information, symptoms, and personal stories of the “novel” coronavirus. Yes, for some reason, all the articles seem to call it a novel virus. I will admit that it is probably to get me to read the article. Good Job there if I am honest. Or instead, for more honesty, I logged onto Facebook after promising myself that I wouldn’t and saw story after story about COVID-19.

I was inundated. I found with each article, whether accurate information or not, that my anxiety was growing with every second. I know better than to allow these stories to take over my life, and there are plenty of other things that I could spend my time on. I am editing my novella today to attempt to get it ready to publish. With my recent stomach issues, interestingly directly enough connected to the increase in stress in my life, I was in bed and could not help myself.

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My point is this, we are masters of our own world. I made the decision to keep reading. If you have to do what I did and absorb all the information that you can, perhaps do not do it on social media. Look for the positives as well. There are plenty of people that have recovered, bout that is less sexy than the worldwide growing death toll.

I know that with every new day, we learn new things about the coronavirus. I understand that the people in charge have not been doing all that they can to combat the virus. There is uncertainty in the world. I also know that pushing yourself too much into anxiety can be very hard on your body. In 2017, I ended up with bleeding ulcers directly connected to the mounting stress in my life. I had several panic attacks a day, and it took its toll quickly on my body, hospitalizing me for a week.

Stressing yourself out will only end badly. There was some positive to yesterday’s excursion into the social media world. I saw some fantastic food that people are cooking. For me, I will be focused on school and writing for the rest of the week, staying away from the temptation to continue to stress myself out. Stay safe out there in this crazy world of isolation.

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Always Keep Fighting


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15 thoughts on “Are we Too Connected to COVID-19? Is it Causing Anxiety?

  1. I agree, the more I ingest about the virus the more anxious I become. Lately I’ve been consciously staying away from articles and figures I know might trigger me. It’s made a big difference.

    Stay safe and I hope you continue to find a little peace in this stressful world ❤

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    • I am trying. Social media can be both equally good. We can stay in touch socially, but the other side is that it can be a breeding ground for misinformation and I usually don’t get my news from this source. Sometimes we get caught up and so I have been trying to avoid it as much as possible.

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  2. Hey James! On one hand, we definitely should be concerned and check daily for changes and updates. This health crisis concerns all of us, anxious or not. On the other hand we should be aware of our own personal limitations when it comes to constant stressing news. We are all unique and its only by knowing ourselves and our own emotional tendencies and limitations can we mentally balance what’s right for us.

    So yes, keep updated, it’s important. But know yourself and when its time to back off. Eventually we will all get through this, but we must stick together in co-operation and with great care for one another. In the end, I believe this crisis will only make us stronger and more united as a species. So do what you can to make everybody safe! And of course, that includes you!

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  3. I started limiting my exposure to the news, and that has helped me feel better. Always reading about illness and death and economic collapse makes me feel helpless and depressed.

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  4. Yes, 100% that is why I don’t take any of it in. To me it’s like eating fear and I don’t want to be paralyzed in that any longer. I have worked years getting out of it. This period our world is going into is a brand new paradigm. Old ways, habits, systems everything is breaking down that no longer works. Fear is a huge part if that. The news is a major distraction that can only be taken in small doses.
    It’s important to keep yourself informed of big issues, don’t misunderstand me. However, noticing what your ingesting in general of everything in your life is highly empowering for overall health. What we eat and what we read or watch. It all plays a part. Great post as always ❤
    I’m glad you’re here contributing thoughtful and important topics that require contemplation 😊


  5. I just skimmed through this but you make a lot of pertinent points. In my rational mind I know scanning all these social media feeds won’t serve me (or a lot of people well) but like a scene from a horror movie we feel compelled to read on. It’s a psychological battle a lot of us enter far too often…so I’m telling myself this: step away from devices. Blue light is sad, yellow light is happy. 🌞 instead of 💻📱🖥 for the rest of today! Stay well James and good luck with your endeavours over Easter x 💙🌈

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