The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir (The release of my cover)

For those that have been following my journey to publish my memoir, you will be pleased to know that I am in the final stages, and I will be getting my publishing date within the next week or two. The editing, formatting, and the cover are all finished. I have to say the cover looks fantastic!

I will be releasing the official cover on my Patreon account for the $5 tier and up as a special offer on that platform. I will update with the release date. You can subscribe and become a Patron below, just pick a tier and sign up. the lowest tier is just $2.

Become a Patron!

With that said, I hope to grow my following on Patreon as I will be officially moving my content to that platform. It is a great way to stay connected to my writing.

Always Keep Fighting


8 thoughts on “The Bipolar Writer: A Memoir (The release of my cover)

  1. James, congrats! I am happy for you finishing up your memoir. I too am on the last stretch to see mine published! I wish you the best 🙂


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