45 thoughts on “The Bipolar Writer Needs a Logo

  1. I could design one for you, if you like? I designed my own, and I’ve been doing graphic design since I was little. I don’t mind doing it for free, either, so if you decide you’d rather get one professionally done after seeing what I come up with for you, it’s cool.

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  2. Hi James,

    I noticed you need a logo designed. I am a graphic designer, so maybe I can be of some help. I also need to get started on sharing my writings with you. Thanks for getting back to me on that one


    Steph Poleson

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  4. James, my brother does website design, and I am an artist. Let me know what you’re looking for and see what we can come up with. It would be so exciting! I am thrilled for the progress your blog has made, and my eyes are welling up thinking of just how much you deserve the recognition. God bless you, my friend. ❤

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    • I honestly don’t know exactly what I want. I want it to be a logo that represents The Bipolar Writer and mental illness. I have been wanting a logo for a few months and it’s been a tough process. I had someone working on one but they stopped and I can’t get ahold of them. I’d be open to anything. It would be on every page so it’s important it represent mental illness.

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      • I am thinking charcoal drawing/and a touch of red for the illness part. Why don’t you look at a few images on Google? I can work on it this week and run it by you. PLEASE, no worries if it’s not what you want.

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  5. When I think of mental illness, and I experience it myself… I think of myself as a trifecta of sorts, three people. The one we show to the world, the one that is the ‘sickness’ and the gray one… the day to day that we live with and probably actually are… if you want my 2 cents? A face or person going from one color to 3? something like that??? Whatever you decide will be brilliant, trust your gut! ~kim

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  6. I draw and paint and almost finished my graphic design degree, but that is another story. I have won awards with my art and have sold artwork in the past. I would love to try to come up with something for you. I will let you know when I have a worthy enough design. 😊 Sue

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      • I would love it if my sometimes very creative (bipolar) mind could come up with a perfect idea. I will let my creativity flow and see what I can come up with. It may be a process. My very first (quick) thought was to have some books for the writer part and somehow transform those books into a bipolar theme or concept. I can’t promise anything, but I will try my best. Honestly, you need an incredible logo for your site and I am not sure if I can make it as brilliant as you and your blog deserve to have. I will just see if my thoughts and ideas can create something good enough for you. I would love it if I could. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to create with my art. I have not done that for a while, but have wanted to start drawing etc. again. I have been thinking about putting my art on my site and trying to sell prints and other products. So, this is perfect timing… If someone comes up with something before me, no worries. I always love to draw and create anyway. I will try to come up a great one for you, but there are many talented people out there. Sorry for my long ramble. I will start my creative process… fingers and toes (and eyes) crossed… Have a happy, healthy and fabulous weekend. Hugs, Sue


  7. I would check fiverr.com or is it fiver.com either way, tons on there for 5 bucks! 🙂 or check simbi.com and everything in there is free kinda based on a karma points/ barter system.

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