How I “Self-Talk”/Tips & Tricks

Self-talk can be a great thing. It can build you up or calm you down when you need it. It can be very awkward at first, but once the skill is learned at set, it can come in handy. I wrote a while back about My Med Journey, and in there at the end I mentioned I’d be doing a follow up on self-care. I did a post on my blog about how I self-care, and this is sort of a “follow-up” on both of these.

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Christmas blues and 15 fun ideas.

Hello and welcome back!! My last blog here was stress detox. And if you miss me here in the meantime. I have 3 blogs each week on my personal blog.  In this blog is about the Christmas blues. And 20 fun ways to get excited for Christmas. Because during Christmas everyone deserves to be happy.


Christmas Dip!

Christmas is a super exciting time and super busy.  On the other side, it is a season that totally shakes the normal daily rhythm. And it is also a super stressful time, at least in my opinion. For me personally, I’m glad when its over. This season my stress and anxiety levels are higher than normal. So I know that this crazy time also can trigger a more/intense mental health breakdown and just heightens any mental illness.
So what I like to do is to distract my mind from feeling down. During the Christmas season, there are also many people who feel down and lonely. I love during charity work during this time of a year.

15 Christmas tips

Now the more fun part. 20 things to do during the Christmas season, to add some more fun. Some of those things I have done myself.

  • Bake some cookies: Personally I have been baking special gingerbread cookies in christmas inspired chapes (christmas tree, star and more). And I baked more than 50 cookies, more about why that later. *wink*
  • spend time outside: Outside of the fact that even a small stroll is good for any mental illness. During this season if you are lucky there might be snow, so make some snowmen, snow angels, sliding down a hill.
  • Donate the toys you don’t need/want. There might be someone in need who doesn’t have the luxury to buy/get a present and it is a good excuse to clean the house and give to others.
  • volunteer: the cookies I baked was for a charity project. I had some of the cookies decorated by some young kids I know and gave the cookies to those who needed a little positive beam.
  • Listen to some Christmas songs and dance the night away,
  • Hold a Christmas treasure hunt (for family and friends): Instead of having the presents by a tree or stocking. You could hide it all over the place in the house and maybe have some clues in where to find the presents.
  • See a Christmas play.
  • Play a board game: You can do this at home. But Christmas is about giving, why not do it with some elderly people. You can do this in an elderly home or just with someone in your own street.
  • Thank you: Say thank you more often to those around you. Thank those that are close to you, your friends, family, loved ones.
  • Watch an old (home) video: tressure the moments of the past with those close to you.
  • Hot cholate milk bar: This is just something fun for friends and family.
  • Donate food: Here in the netherlands, we have something called foodbank for those in need. During the Christmas time, it is a good time to donate something extra to those who need it and might not have enough to celebrate Christmas. Here at home, we gave something extra for the food bank, so that they could also celebrate Christmas a little or at least feel the Christmas spirit.
  • Hold a Christmas cookie competition: Just something fun to trow. Ask everyone to make some cookies and have everyone vote on their favorite. And the one with the most point wins the one after second place.
  • Build a Christmas tree from plastic cups: I saw this idea on the internet to do with kids. And I must say it sounds like a fun idea.
  • Hold a wrapping gift party: Just have a good moment with friends/family while packing the Christmas presents. You might even learn some new wrapping stricks.

I think this blog is done XD. I don’t know any more ideas with creative things to do. So what do you think of my tips/ideas? Are you doing something similar?? Personally, I think Christmas is all about charity and giving. So that is what I personally love to do (all year round).

I want to wish you a happy and healthy Christmas and probably talk to you next year. So also a happy new year.


stress detox

Hello, This is my first blog written here. So let me introduce myself real quick. My name is Rosa-Lynn and I am an occupational therapy student. Also, I have a small blog myself PrettyRose. But once in a while, I will write a blog especially for you here. For me personally, December is the busiest month of the whole year and really really stress full. That doesn’t help my anxiety.

Without noticing it, tension can build up in your body. As a result less energy and many other symptoms. So I will share some tricks you can do at home to detox yourself from stress. Which often work for me.

art backlit dark dawn


People often say you have to shake the emotion away as in forgetting it. But what if real shaking works? An American dr. David Bercili he developt the Tension Release Exercise. This is based on shaking your body.  So saying this, here is an exercise I do.

I lay down with my feet against each other and my knees up. Slowly drop my knees to the ground and back up and do this for a while. I notice that after some time almost my whole body starts shaking. I know this sounds weird but you have to try this yourself. And while you do this, try to relax.


A lot of tension is stored in a muscle in the back. A friend of mine thought me a simple trick to release tension in my back. For this, you need a bouncing ball, one that is a little bigger than the normal one.  You put the bouncing ball between your back and the back of a chair. Especially on the spot that feels tense/painful. You put a little pressure on the bouncing ball in a circular motion, don’t use too much pressure. Just enough to move the bouncing ball. While you do this your body will send more blood to that area and releases the tension.

Something else what you can do is give yourself a shoulder massage or ask a loved one to help you with this.


I always notice that when I am more stressed or my emotions are high my breaths get shorter. So something I have been doing for years is what I tell my 10 seconds rule. I close my eyes and count to 10 slowly. While I focus on my breathing and slow down my breathing. Some breathing tips:

  • In with the nose and out in the mouth.
  • As you breathe in your belly should rise. As you breathe out your belly should lower.
  • Try to take three full breaths.
  • Try to imagine that air around is giving you peace and calmness while you breathe.


Sleep is the most important thing for your body. It heals you mentally and physically. When I am stressed getting to sleep is a lot harder and staying asleep.

This is something I just started doing. I have an app called stretching on my phone and when I am more tensed I do a full body stretch of 15 minutes. Just to relax and put my focus on something else. This with instrumental music makes me sleep like a baby.

I hope those tips can help more people than just me. If you have any questions about any of the exercises feel free to leave a comment. And this won’t be the last you have heard from me.


A Guest Blog – Harmful Tips For A Mama`s Boy

This is the second guest post from blogger Melisa Marzett here on The Bipolar Writer blog. The author asked that I share this piece. The ideas expressed in this article is that of the author and not The Bipolar Writer blog as a whole.

Harmful Tips For A Mama`s Boy

1. Never part ways with your boy for more than half of a day. A child should know that there is an access to his mama at any moment!

2. Do not focus a child`s attention if you need to go out for some time. The kid should not get accustomed to the fact that his mother can go out somewhere without taking him with her. It is better to run away behind the scenes.

3. Show too much indulgence to each and all wish of your baby. As the phrase goes, whatever toy or play makes the baby gay!

4. Sleep together. At least until he is 3-4 years old. Sleeping together is very useful for the comfortable psychological condition of the baby. Especially for a boy! By the way, it will be helpful to move your daddy to another room (mother-and-child room might work) so he did not bother good sleeping together. Come to think of it, so he did not interfere you bringing up your son.

5. When the boy goes to a kindergarten, it is going to be very stressful for him, which is why do not forget to make his pockets full of candies and to buy him a little toy each time on the way back home. You have one son after all!

6. Focus on your kid. Your son is the meaning of your life. Let him control your time, leisure time and mood.

7. The main thing does not forget to feed your child as much as possible. It will fortify the immune system of your boy undoubtedly making him healthy and strong! In addition, the boy should always be wrapped up in layers. Pay special attention to it. Your attention and care will make your boy responsible and independent.

8. Remember that your son is your one and only beloved man. Try to shift responsibility for your woman`s happiness and invest your hopes for future in your son.

9. Do not wait for him to do everything by himself, help him!

10. If there is some free time, do a part of his homework for your son. There is a lot to do for schoolchildren nowadays; such an overload may be dangerous for your child! Do not forget to examine your son for diseases, he may be sick! It will be helpful to give me medicine, vitamins for immune stimulation.

11. Do not make your boy do things about the house, he is not a girl!

12. You should never ever bind apprentice to sports sections because it may be too dangerous! You will feel better if your boy will spend more time home on tablet PC. You had to buy a smartphone or a tablet for your boy at the time. Your son might pass in the crowd!

And the last but not least paragraph is:

13. Do not ever punish your child! Limitations in joy or smacking ass (oh, the horror!) is a true violence over Personality and it may provoke a psychological trauma for the rest of life. Keep in mind that a child is able to gain insight what is best for him.
melisa-5489.jpgAbout the author: Melisa Marzett explores, discovers, and creates every day currently working for puressay com, which is a custom paper writing service for students and provides with brilliantly looking and sounding manuscripts apart from guest articles on different topics.

Don’t Panic! Tips For Surviving Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety or Panic Attacks can hit you out of nowhere and can be so severe that you’re convinced you’re dying or that something is SERIOUSLY wrong. Taking steps to manage your stress and anxiety on a regular basis can help reduce the likelihood and recurrence of attacks, but what can you do if you’re already experiencing an attack?

Here are some tips for riding the wave of a panic attack and making it safely back to shore:

  1. Don’t Panic

The first thing that you need to do is recognize the signs of an attack and remember that it is TEMPORARY. During a panic attack your heart will race, you may feel dizzy or disoriented, and your mouth may feel dry, but it is important to remember that it is not as bad as it feels and it will pass.

  1. Don’t Run (if you can help it)


It can be very tempting to remove yourself entirely from the space or situation you are in when a panic attack hits but try to resist that urge. Running away may seem helpful, but you are training your brain to be anxious of that situation when you run away from it to feel relief. Instead, try to find relief in other ways that will help train your brain that the place or situation itself is not dangerous.


  1. Ground yourself


One of the most effective ways to get through a panic attack is to ground yourself. There are several techniques and methods for doing this. Here are some suggestions:

  • Drink some water-
  • Measured or Square breathing- Breathing in a measured pattern (for example, In for four seconds, Hold for seven seconds, Out for eight seconds) or practicing Square breathing serves the dual purpose of grounding you whilst also changing your focus from your panic attack to observing the pattern
  • The 54321 method- This method is also pattern based but focuses more on your senses to ground you. Using this method, you will name 5 things you see in the room, name 4 things you can feel, name 3 things you can hear right now, name 2 things you can smell, and name 1 good thing about yourself. Alternatively, you can choose one object nearby to touch and describe in detail.
  • Recite a mantra- Having a go-to mantra can provide a safe, familiar place for your mind to go during an anxiety attack. It should be positive and remind you that this is temporary and that you are strong enough to handle it. (EX: “I am safe, I am strong, and this feeling will pass”) You can repeat the same one over and over, or have multiples that you cycle through, but try to focus on saying them in a calm, almost monotone way.
  • Exercise your memory- Use declarative memory to ground yourself and bring you back to the present. You can try to list as many brands of candy or breeds of dog that you know or do something as simple as reciting the alphabet backwards.

If you experience chronic anxiety, it would be helpful to choose one of these or find a method that works for you and implement it.


  1. Give yourself time


Once the worst of the attack has past, make sure you give yourself ample time to feel okay again before you try to resume your daily activities or try to tackle a project or task. Make sure that you have sufficiently calmed and are able to move forward without risking a subsequent attack. Meditating for a short while can help with this.


  1. Recognize your triggers


If you can, it is helpful to recognize things that trigger your panic attacks. When you recognize what is causing your anxiety or stress to spike, you can take steps to address the underlying issue which will help avoid future episodes.


Anxiety attacks can be a scary thing, especially if you don’t understand why they are happening or how to deal with them, but if you use these tips and remember that it will pass, they can be much more bearable.

Writing anxiety, and what to do about it

I found this amazing authors blog with outlines tips for writing with anxiety. Those of you that follow The Bipolar Writer know that social anxiety is a major issue in my life. Please check out this amazing authors blog.


Photo Credit:unsplash-logoOscar Keys


If you’re a writer, it’s safe to say you’ve probably been there – the need to be productive, but the lack of motivation or ideas to begin. I have a love-hate relationship with writing the first few sentences of anything, especially if I’m itching to get something on paper before quite deciding what. I often find myself staring at blank pages, fumbling with various sentences that just don’t read well enough – as well as battling with my own subconscious (anxiety is a b*tch, ya know), I can quickly burn myself out and self-sabotage to the point of closing my laptop in a slump and being unproductive elsewhere.

So how can we diminish these feelings, despite our anxieties?

The following are tips that help me, but it’s important to find what works for you! What works for one person may not help another.


Research shows that music can actually…

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