“The Chasm”, a poem about my journey through deep depression

The Chasm

A Poem, by Chelsea Walker

It came, took me underground

Away from light, far from home.

I fought growing fog, yet

The world became darkest black.


Where are lights of endless stars?

Where, the guiding landscape?

What is this jagged rock which

Hangs, and juts at every turn?


From depths of deepest pain

My fists pound unrelenting stone,

But finding soon a tunnel there,

I will myself to walk alone.


I trip, stumble along the treacherous path

That seems to lead nowhere.

Who can see, with mortal eyes,

Beyond darkest black?


Desperation, fear–I cry into the night,

Who will help me out of here?

Comes soft reply,

“Hold My Hand, precious friend.”


Light illuminates my Otherworldly Guide.

Hand in His, I ask, “But, how?

How long until we reach the end?”

I sob with sadness fresh.


Discouraged, disheartened

I do everything I can, to reach toward

The guide, which is My Savior’s Hand.

Only He is sure of how to exit this great void.


I force my eyes, focus, on the One Light,

Illuminating footsteps ahead.

Stumbling from time to time, I will not fall,

If still I clutch the Master’s Hand.


While walking, stumbling, I realize

Progress bit by bit.

Hope within me grows,

Though continuous the blackened pit.


Days, weeks, months, years

Steadily go on.

Joyously I realize a slow,

Steady change from darkest night to grayest dawn.


With faint illuminating light

Of sun’s bright, distant rays,

I learn that I can speed my pace

I now begin to run!


Emerging from the chasm

To glory of noon day

Within my heart burst gratitude, joy

Akin to none I’ve known.


Oh beautiful, great mountain!

Oh waving grass so glorious!  Bird song most welcome!

Gentle breeze, a welcome kiss

On upturned face and outstretched arms.


Turning to my Guide, I see Him smile with gentle warmth.

My heart with peace o’erflows.

“My dearest friend,” He softly says,

“You’ve made it to the end.”