Origins of my Pseudonym J.E. Skye

I started this blog under my pen name and pseudonym James Edgar Skye to protect my real name (though my real first name has made it on one or two blog posts.)

It makes it easier to tell my story as James Edgar Skye because it gives me the perspective of writing about my life without the pain of using my real name. It’s just easier for me and I have talked to many bloggers within the mental illness community that uses a pseudonym in their work.

Even my memoir The Bipolar Writer is written about me under my pseudonym James Edgar Skye.

I thought it would be great to break down my pseudonym and pen name to why each of names in James Edgar Skye was chosen.

I thought long and hard about what the first name in my pen name would be. There are so many great writers that I am a fan of and could have used Ernest in honor of my second favorite author Ernest Hemingway.

But, I wanted the first name of my pen name to honor someone in my life. So I chose my dad, who is named James. It just fit so well and felt right the first time I wrote the name out, it was fate and it will always be the first name that I write under.

All the best authors that I love often abbreviate their name like J.K. Rowling. So I had to find a middle name that could be written like this, and it was easy to pick my middle name. My favorite author in the world is Edgar Allan Poe. So I chose Edgar for my middle name.

J.E. just worked.

The last name was also simple for me but its origins are more personal to me. Skye just worked and my entire pen name became James Edgar Skye.

So, that is my origins of my pseudonym. I hope you enjoy this story and that you got to know a little more about who I am. My writing pen name gives me the ability to be completely honest with you.

J.E. Skye

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Why the Mental Illness Community Should Share Their Story

Over the last three months, I have shared more about my life than ever imagined was possible. It has been the most therapeutic experience in my life.

In the past week, I have started to begin the process of expanding The Bipolar Writer into sharing other bloggers stories with their mental illness in the form of feature articles.

Before that, I want to talk about why we should never be afraid to tell our mental health story. I understand that not everyone is in a place where they can share every aspect of their story at this point, but when you are ready you should consider opening up on even on the most controversial topics.

I think the best thing I have done in 2017 was finding my place writing on my blog where I can share my life. I can write here, and expand later in my memoir. It’s like beta testing topics and getting the feedback that I need.

But beyond that, I never imagined that the therapeutic process of blogging my mental illness life could have so many positive effects on my daily life.


The other part of sharing your story is that it helps take away the negative stigma that comes with having a mental illness. I used to believe that being Bipolar was a bad thing a long time ago. I fed into the negative stigma and hid my writing from the world. But as I began writing my screenplay, my blog, and now my memoir it has given me a new perspective.

What I have learned from my fellow bloggers is there are so many like-minded people that want to share their story. We all have our own unique perspective to share within the mental illness community. I can share my story, and it may parallel your own, but you may have something different to add to the same topic because you went a different route.

I can’t imagine giving up my blog because I have met so many amazing bloggers along the way that can empathize with my own plight. I think together we can band together and work towards changing how people who have never been in our shoes look at us. One word at a time.

With that said, what are some of the most important subjects that we should be writing about on our blogs?

Always Keep Fighting.

J.E. Skye

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