I’m at work today and feel like crap. Now it’s not a mental crap but physical. The physical feeling is from either not enough or too much sleep. I feel kinda lazy and tired. I want to go to sleep and feel something other than exhaustion when I get back up.

I wish that things were different sometimes. I wish that things would change for the better. I just want things to change and they be positive. I need things to change because I feel stuck. I fell stuck in the past and what had happened to me.

I feel the need to change for the better. I feel the need to have some me time. I want they to be a difference between me and her. I need to be different than her. I feel the need to be better than her because she’s a dumb ass. All she wanted was kids and now it seems she’s regrets having them with who she had them with. Her husband cheated on her with their roommate and get best friend (same person). Things will not go the way she wants them to. Yet all she does is complain and ask my boyfriend to pay for shit for her and her husband.

Ugggggggggggggggggggggh it’s so aggravating. I’m sorry this is so long but I needed to rant. Thank you for reading.