My Next Big “The Bipolar Writer” Project

I am nearing the end of writing my first fantasy fiction novel entitled Rise of the Nephilim. I am proud of this project and the first-draft will be done end of July.

With that said, I am always looking for my next project, and with my first novel is in publishing limbo, it is important to think “what is next, James.” The answer came to me, it is time to expand on my “Interview Feature” series into a book. So, what does this mean? I am looking for volunteers!

I am coming up a large number of questions and that each interviewee will take up a chapter. There is no telling where this will go. I have reached out to at three potentials with one getting back to me. I want to give back and writing the stories of others will be one thing that will bring me joy. I would like to know if you interested, and if you are, please email me @

This a not yet a “works in progress” so I am only taking serious people who want to share their story. In an ideal world, I would build my Patreon account and travel, doing the interviews in person, but there is enough money in my life right now to write this book on the road, but it can still be done!

Always Keep Fighting


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