I’m the Other James

You may not have realized we had more than one James posting on this blog. James Edgar Skye started this blog and I am not him. I am James Pack. The other James. I changed my author tag to J. Pack to help eliminate confusion. Had you all noticed? It felt fitting to write this post on April Fool’s Day. For some, April Fool’s was never a happy holiday. I often received pranks instead of giving them. If you grew up in an abusive household as I did, these pranks only reminded you of life at home.

What are the origins of April Fool’s Day? The closest known date of the first April Fool’s started in 1582 in France.  Before that year, April 1stwas New Year’s Day according to the Julian Calendar.  In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII ordered the creation of a new calendar.  The new Gregorian Calendar placed New Year’s Day on January 1st. During the introduction of the new calendar, many people continued celebrating New Year’s Day on April 1st. Many others rejected the new calendar and decided to use April 1stas a day for pranks.

The term “poisson d’avril” referred to those victimized by pranks. The French term means “April Fish.” After centuries, the day eventually evolved into the modern tradition and spread across several countries. Scotland, for example, has a popular prank where they send people on a cuckoo hunt.  Unfortunately for the victim, cuckoos are not real.  Scotland may have originated the “Kick Me” sign as well. Mexico’s counterpart for April Fool’s falls on December 28th.  Originally a sad day for remembering the slaughter of innocent children by King Herod, but it later evolved into a day of pranks and trickery.

If you must participate in the jokes and pranks, please be aware of other’s boundaries. Avoid pranks that involve invading someone’s personal space or involve scaring. Something small to you may trigger someone else. Keep the jokes light hearted and fun. Don’t press to far unless you know your friends can handle the joke. Even then, tread lightly. Have fun with friends and don’t get fooled by this other James when reading posts on this blog, or you’ll become the next poisson d’avril.