Book Review: Inside and Out

Inside and Out by Terry Fisher

Nonfiction memoir in “Ode” format

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 Inside and Out What is it About?

Inside and Out by Terry Fisher is a non-fiction memoir in the form of odes and musings that chronicle the author’s life. The various odes were written at different times in the writer’s life and talk about things like dating, friendship, the author’s struggles with mental illness, the love that she had for her pets, and her experiences as a labor and delivery nurse.  The author lets the reader into her life as bares her soul through the power of Odes.

“Many of the odes are funny, some are sarcastic, and some are sad— excruciatingly so.”


My Thoughts on Inside and Out

In the many odes and musings in the book Inside and Out the author allows the reader inside the mind of a talented “ODE” poetry writer over the course of her lifetime. With every stanza Terry Fisher takes her reader through the ups and downs of this human life. Each ode gives the reader a glance at how life changes— all in just one to three-page odes. The people that were important in Terry Fisher’s life makes the pages shine. The pictures that accompany some of the odes allow the reader to make real connections into the life of the artist.

When Fisher talks about her pets in Inside and Out, she lets us into her family, and at the end of each ode, we learn more about how life is always moving forward. When tragedy came into Terry Fisher’s life, she turns to writing Odes and shares with us how pets are members of our family— and their loss is never easy to deal with in this life.

In “Ode to Depression” the author Terry Fisher gets real with her audience on the realities of living with depression. Terry Fisher uses her own sarcastic and funny way to talk about her own struggles with depression that memorably suits the message.

“The doctor said a vegan diet!/ What the hell, I’m trying it./ I take a mountain of pills each day— Morning ones. Night ones./ I obey.”

In other odes in the book Inside and Out the author takes us to some of the sad times in her life where she lost friends that break your heart. You see how Terry Fisher views the people and pets in her life— like family. Odes like Ode to John Belnap CRNA and Prayer for Mary pay homage to people in the author’s life that had a significant impact, at the same time we see how people can have significant implications in our lives.

What I adore most about Inside and Out is that the author Terry Fisher shows all sides of her personality and allows the reader into her world. I felt by the end of the book that I had become a member of the Fisher family— and I will cherish the experience that I had reading the book.

Message from the author to her Mother

Dear Mom,

I wrote a book that is brutally honest. It was either gonna help me or not help.

It is not meant to blame anyone, although sometimes it sounds that way. You were the best mother you knew how to be in horrible circumstances beyond your control.

I did not want to hurt you, but I love you so much it has been very hard not to share this with you.

I have a wonderful life. I know that. Great family, friends, no financial problems (thanks to all of you), no more work stress.

But I also have severe depression that is probably not curable. People get cancer. I got this. I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. I don’t.

But I so, so much want to share this book with you. Most people are surprised how funny it is.

This is me and I want you to know her. And I hope you will understand and still love me as much as I do you.


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Reviewer: James Edgar Skye

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