Community Mental Health Discussions – Zoom Calls for June 2020

In an ongoing effort to put both James Edgar Skye into the world and the most critical part, the continued discussion on mental health and mental illness in a safe setting.

News About This Week’s Zoom Call

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Happy Friday! My name is Colleen Burns Durda, @theoriginalcbd, and I’m a guest blogger on The Bipolar Writer’s collaborative mental health blog. For the past few weeks, James Edgar Skye, (aka The Bipolar Writer) has hosted a Zoom call to discuss various topics surrounding mental illness and emotional well-being. This week I’ll be guest hosting… Continue reading News About This Week’s Zoom Call

Discord – Community Mental Health Dicsussions

James Edgar Skye (The Bipolar Writer) is collaborating with Grounds for Clarity on a new Discord Channel called Community Mental Health Discussions. It will be a place where you can come anonymously if needed to discuss the many topics that come with mental illness and mental health. Our goal is to have open-ended discussions that are open 24/7. Myself and Grounds for Clarity will be moderators.

Let’s Have A Zoom Party/Mental Health Discussion Today!

ast Saturday, I held a Zoom party for a mental health discussion that was a fantastic melting of the minds. It was a lively discussion, and it went on for three hours. I was so amazed at the dialogue that we were able to have together.