Loss of Innocence (Fall 1987-14 Years Old)

Guns N’ Roses Welcome to the Jungle blaring on my Dad’s state of the art stereo system.  A fifth of Peach Schnapps and two 14 year old girls looking for a good time.  We invited two 18 year old guys to come over since my parents were out of town. We had met them previously at Star… Continue reading Loss of Innocence (Fall 1987-14 Years Old)


I haven’t been writing enough. I need to step it up a little. I finished my first semester back to school with two B’s and an A. When I left my girlfriend she told me she didn’t think I could do it without her. Well guess what?! I did! I have been seeing someone and… Continue reading Sorry

Rapid Cycling Mixed Episode

In This Mental Illness Life, Things Change Fast For the last two days, I had a rare feat even for someone that is dealing with Bipolar One–a rapid cycling mixed episode. I think it has only happened to me about ten times in my mental illness life, but it is the worst feeling in the… Continue reading Rapid Cycling Mixed Episode

Heaven Knows I Meant Well

Heaven Knows I meant Well: By: Francesca Seopa Heaven knows i meant well My fiction was less of a fairy-tale for me to sell Heaven truly knows i meant well My truth sounded more like a lie to sell The love of life and self The sight of a pair of doves stricken by strife… Continue reading Heaven Knows I Meant Well