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Stop saying”Turn your face towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind” It doesn’t work that way Stop saying”Everything happens for a reason” It doesn’t Stop saying”Time heals all wounds” Time does no such thing Stop telling me that life is not fair I’ve known this since birth Stop telling me to “let it… Continue reading LEAVE ME ALONE

What Anger Is To Me

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Please don’t tell me that a smile and your sorrow just don’t go together. I would not look upon my anger as something foreign to me that I have to fight. I have to deal with my anger with care, with love, with tenderness, and with non-violence. When I get angry, I have to produce… Continue reading What Anger Is To Me

A Mental Health Guest Blog Spot

Next thing I knew, there was blood everywhere.. all over my bed and me, I was feeling dizzy, everything was blurry, and I felt sick. I was freaking out inside, but I never shouted for help. ‘This is it’ I thought to myself. Everything actually flashed before my eyes, I saw myself winning that goldfish at the funfair, I saw my gran and me at the beach when I was little. Everything. Then nothing.

The Long Road to Betterment

As human beings, regardless of our backgrounds, we’ve become conditioned to evaluate our success in life based on the monetary value of our material possessions. The impact of this trending train of thought has become detrimental to our society, and is especially toxic for those of us who already struggle to find our sense of… Continue reading The Long Road to Betterment

Bravest Man I Knew

My mom, grandfather, annd grandmother

Yesterday, July 3, 2018, marked the four year anniversary since my grandfather lost his battle with cancer. In my poetry class to end my undergraduate career, I wrote a poem about him that I meant to post yesterday, but got busy. It is written in Villanelle format– and its titled Bravest Man I Knew. Bravest… Continue reading Bravest Man I Knew

Grief and Time – It Doesn’t Get Easier, But That’s the Point

Grief and loss and depression are topics of conversation that should exist, freely and wholly. When we share our stories and give words to our thoughts and feelings, we learn.