Speak Up! And Your Voice Will Help You

Sometimes I wonder what world optimists live in. It can’t possibly be the same as mine, because mine is one of twisting mists, overcast skies, and lurking shadows. Besides the possibility of parallel universes, this phenomenon is likely a matter of perspective. What is perspective? Duh; it’s how you see everything. And, I mean everything. In… Continue reading Speak Up! And Your Voice Will Help You

Depression for Dummies

Hi. I’m Chelsea, and I am married to a wonderful, talented, intelligent man who is pretty dumb when it comes to mental illness. Perhaps you know someone like this. Your bright, helpful person may be a friend, parent, brother, sister, or boss. As well-meaning as he or she might pretend to be, this acquaintance just… Continue reading Depression for Dummies

The Cure for Depression: Joy

I am not looking forward to this article. Whoa –what?! Why wouldn’t I want to type about happy things? I’m the expert, dishing out advice. I should be ALL OVER this topic. I’m not. I am terrible at happiness. -Aaaannnddd that sentence just proved it. Instead of the ol’ biblical casting of stones at me, however, I’d like… Continue reading The Cure for Depression: Joy

What I Learned in Six Months of Blogging

So I was asked a lot lately how I got here. Over 50,000 views about 3900 followers and I always go back to this post that was originally posted January 5th of this year. So I wanted to update a little bit and reshare some of the things that have made by blog semi-successful. What… Continue reading What I Learned in Six Months of Blogging