Houseplants and Mental Health

Isn't it cute?

I have a black thumb. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means I kill plants. You’d think, by now, that I’d see the ferns and cacti leaning away from me at the store -but, no. I see a cute pot or arrangement and think, I can grow a plant! Into my cart the poor once-green thing goes,… Continue reading Houseplants and Mental Health

Running Towards Hugs.

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I am making moves towards my next goal of moving back home after moving out of state a year ago. I applied and applied for jobs until I finally found something that would suit me. I felt immediate relief in signing the offer letter. I know it was the right choice. It isn’t because I… Continue reading Running Towards Hugs.

Safe Space

She often contemplates Of a distant life One without strife Curious of where she hide When all is chaotic inside She fears her safe space mimicks pandora’s box It lies hidden beneath her surface Unlike a treasure chest Not meant to be discovered For this space holds secrets Most of which permeate And she, unaware… Continue reading Safe Space

It’s Time I Fly

Persistent I focus on growth, you cannot help but complain. Much of my life, it’s been the same. Never enough Or the wrong time, Too much, too soon. You find the most inopportune moments as if you are searching for a clue. Mysteriously problems arise, My fault, in your eyes. Chastise me as your child,… Continue reading It’s Time I Fly

Meant to Be

For his attention She fight Without his approval Her dreams would not catch flight Self-sabotaging rendered her insane Poison flowed through her veins Risking a life she could not love Losing faith of anyone above A father who belittled his daughter Confusing her was the pain She sought in others a fragile love The one… Continue reading Meant to Be


I come and go as I please. I always have. Usually, I want to be missed. But not this time, it’s been pure bipolar bliss; being a miss. It isn’t easy being in this world, only to exist. With moods that have fits. Yet I have found my peace with my inner beast. Dormant she… Continue reading She

Silent Dawn

Silent Dawn By: Francesca Seopa Follow me, Oh Dear friend, Through this ochre world. A world where no man’s heart Beats for others. A world where no blood will warm your bodies; And has the personality of winter. A world where no patience exists, And promises aren’t for keeping. Welcome, To the World of Stone.**… Continue reading Silent Dawn

Feelings of Freedom

It’s been a while since I have written here on TBW blog. I haven’t had much of anything to say and nothing educational to share leaving me silent. I can’t help but wonder if anyone noticed. I am not an attention seeker by any means, it is my curiosity that wonders aimlessly. I’m sure I… Continue reading Feelings of Freedom


What do you do when the silent space of your mind decides it wants to be heard? Screaming in echoed holler, I hear the vibration of words. Muffeled and stifled Humming in my head, reminding me I’m not dead. I can’t decipher what is being said. Damn crazy head! I stay on alert waiting for… Continue reading Listening

Flames of Life

What is to come of a life doused in confusion? The flammability of kerosene will destroy with one strike Tasting the sulfur curiosity engulfs me As do the flames of life The power of powerlessness intrigues Dancing flames Uncontrollable Unpredictable And wavering Imagine…what we breathe gives life to a destruction we cannot comprehend Once ignited… Continue reading Flames of Life