Lemons and Lemonade


On a nice, warm, spring day, what is better than enjoying a sweet glass of lemonade?  The only thing that could make that better could be adding a little bit of vodka into it, if you are into that sort of a drink.

Lemonade is known to be a sweet beverage.  It has a certain nostalgia that also goes along with it.  A warm spring day, sweet, soft breeze passing you by as you sit on a red checkered blanket watching the grass sway in the wind, while you sit and bask in the warmth that is being provided by the beaming, happy sun.

Lemons are known to be bitter and sour.  A car that is a lemon is a car that has hidden damages or problems.  You get “suckered” and make that twisted face, in much the same way as if you were to suck on a lemon (unless you are my daughter who loves lemons and limes) when you get stuck with something that is not what you expected to receive.

There has been a saying, “when life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”  Of course, it is not saying to make a glass of lemonade when something bad happens (unless that helps you deal with the situation).  It is metaphorical in that it suggests that when we are given something that is sour, damaged, misleading or not what we expected, to turn it into something that is sweet, enjoyable and that has more of a positive connotation to it, like lemonade.  More or less, add sugar to a sour situation and make the best of it.

Within my life, I have managed to grow an entire Lemon Orchard.  I swear there are days that it seems like if it is not one thing it is another.  One lemon after another.  I’ve tried to just deal with all the lemons, be grateful for the shade that the orchard provides, learn how to make all sorts of recipes that include lemons, like lemon chicken, lemon pepper salmon, lemon cake, lemon poppy seed muffins, and yes, lemonade.

I’ll admit that there are days when lemonade just won’t cut it for me.  I need something stronger, so I add a shot of vodka, sit on my patio and stare at my orchard.  Within the orchard, there’s the Bipolar Tree, the anxiety one, depression is in there, fibromyalgia, PTSD, anorexia, endometriosis, and chronic pain.  I may be missing a few, but that gives a pretty good idea of what I am working with.  It seems like once I get one issue taken care of, another one pops up.  The Bipolar was under control and then the anxiety popped up.  We squash the anxiety and the depression creeps in.  Banish the depression and the mania shows up ready for a party.  Subdue the mania, and bam, the endometriosis is back.  So, what’s a girl to do?

Lemonade, people, lemonade!  I am blessed to have a life where I can handle what I am given, and for the most part, I am dealing with one issue or ailment at a time.  That I, outside of my mental illness, and chronic conditions, have a pretty healthy immune system.  I have learned how to work with the hand that I was dealt and play the cards to win some hands.  I don’t win every hand, but I always end up winning enough to come out slightly above where I started.

I think that some of my drives comes from the way that I was raised.  My mother has lived much of her life dealing with severe chronic pain.  Yet, she forever, has joy and peace in her heart, not just trudging through the discomfort, but gleefully prancing as she’s grateful to still be able to walk after being told that by age 40 she would be wheelchair bound.  I was raised that you take what God gave you and you make the best of it while embracing your life with grace and love.

This weekend I will use my lemons to make some lemonade, lemon pepper salmon and a lemon cake with vanilla glaze.  I will take the sour events that happened this week and embrace them, but not allow them to control my thoughts or feelings.  My mind will stay focused on all the positive things that I have in my life and how incredibly blessed I am, despite my lemon orchard.


Sprinkled Cupcakes and Fairy Dust,



Photo Credit: unsplash-logoJ. Kelly Brito