Searching for Balance

Sorry I haven’t been so active here on the Bipolar Writer as I normally am. My life has been so out of whack that I can’t seem to find balance.

I have been coping with this imbalance by binge eating/overeating on a regular basis. Once I open my mouth, I have no idea when I will reach my limit. For the past three days I have felt incredibly bloated because of it which, of course, makes me feel depressed and critical of myself.

Each day I get angry with myself, saying, “Why can’t you just stop, Megan!? You’re not hungry, why are you eating again?”

The stresses of life have been chipping away at my mental health. I get home from work and am immediately overwhelmed by everything that I have to do. The daily chores get done but I feel like I can never get to the random tasks like pulling weeds outside or finally organizing my closet.

There aren’t enough hours in the day to work full time and keep my house the way I want to. Because I go nonstop after I get home from work, I feel like I don’t get to enjoy any Megan time. I want to be able to write again, go to the gym, do yoga with my cats and not worry that I have chores to do.

My anxiety kicks into gear when I start thinking about this sort of stuff.

How do you find balance in life? If you have achieved balance, do you have any good tips?

Emotional Eating: Just One More Snack

For the past 3 weeks I have been really struggling with emotional/stress eating. I feel like I have completely lost control.

When this all began it was the worst it has ever been. At work I was eating constantly, snack after snack after snack. I felt like I couldn’t stop, there was this pull to eat more even though I wasn’t hungry. I spent so much money in the vending machine at work the first week this started to happen. Packs of M&Ms, Reese’s cups and Rice Krispy Treats galore!

I have been slowly gaining control back but I still feel like the binge eating monster is floating just above my head ready to pounce at any moment commanding me to stuff my face again.

It’s been really hard to control myself again after spiraling out of control. I am trying to get back into a relatively healthy routine but I’m really struggling. I keep falling back into the emotional eating habits!

It’s not just had an effect on my mind but my body as well. My body isn’t used to eating this high number of calories so I have been bloated and gained a few pounds. I’m terrified to get on the scale because I don’t want to know the damage I’ve done.

How do you combat emotional/stress binge eating? If you have any tips please comment them below! I could really use some advice.