The Bipolar Writer Doubts

They say the monsters and demons tend to come out at night the most. That is true also with doubts. There is something about sitting in the dark on the doorstep of sleep that wakes up my brain, and so the last thoughts are of my doubts that I faced that day.

What is Success?

Worrying has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I’ve worried about everything under the sun at one time or another. My current worry is, am I/will I ever be successful? I reflect on my career and finances primarily and debate with myself whether they’re successful enough. I’ve always… Continue reading What is Success?

The Long Road to Betterment

As human beings, regardless of our backgrounds, we’ve become conditioned to evaluate our success in life based on the monetary value of our material possessions. The impact of this trending train of thought has become detrimental to our society, and is especially toxic for those of us who already struggle to find our sense of… Continue reading The Long Road to Betterment

Yesterday, I Wasn’t my Best

I Was More Like the Worst Parts of me I have had terrible days in 2018, it comes with this mental illness life. Yesterday was a day that I always fear. A day where I really wanted to give up. It’s been a long time since I have felt like giving up in a very… Continue reading Yesterday, I Wasn’t my Best