Y’all Are Crazy, and That’s Okay

Having a mental illness is a lonely thing. Like most people, we want at least someone with whom we can talk. We want a friend to cry with, or even laugh with. We need a deep connection with another human, to feel loved and validated. Unfortunately, we have a few things that get in the way… Continue reading Y’all Are Crazy, and That’s Okay

Finding My Antidepressant Match

In the late fall of 2016 I was at my lowest point mentally of my entire 25 years on Earth. I laid in bed most of the day, suicidal thoughts constantly buzzed in my head and I was struggling with self-harming on an almost daily basis. My therapist was very serious when she told me… Continue reading Finding My Antidepressant Match


I sat in the waiting room clutching papers in my hand. For two weeks I had prepared to tell my doctor that I finally began seeing a therapist and that the diagnosis from her standpoint was leaning towards bipolar disorder. Awkwardly I gathered my things together once my name was called and followed the nurse… Continue reading Stabilize

My Weekly Wrap-up

I figured out today that Sunday’s could be my weekly wrap-up sessions. I can use it to recap and link my other pages while analyzing the week behind me. I learned this week that no matter how much the belief that things will eventually go right, that the reality is that in life we just… Continue reading My Weekly Wrap-up

My Social Anxiety​ Life – Part One

Part One I decided that this will be a first in a series of blogs about my social anxiety. After going to a live show for the first time in a year and a half I thought this would work as a series. Anxiety comes in different forms depending on the person who is dealing… Continue reading My Social Anxiety​ Life – Part One

Depression Cycles

When I started this blog, I wanted the connections that I made here help guide the blog posts that I write. I didn’t imagine that it would happen right away, but sometimes it does just that when you least expected. I’m just going to see where the idea and direction of this blog post goes… Continue reading Depression Cycles

The Revolving Door of Psychiatrists – Part One

I must walk through those doors again, they hold my memories not long forgotten… In the ten years since my diagnosis, there has been a revolving door of psychiatrists in my life. Each has brought different things to my diagnosis. I decided to write this because it is a topic that I felt tackling here… Continue reading The Revolving Door of Psychiatrists – Part One

Not My Favorite Subject…

*disclaimer* I am not advocating that cutting is right or wrong. For some, it is just a way of life for a time in our lives before we get help. This subject means the world to me. My scars are a constant reminder of who I was, and how far in the last ten years… Continue reading Not My Favorite Subject…