Celebrities with Mental Health Issues: Dwayne Johnson

Few actors measure up to Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, a pillar of muscle and model of perfect appearances. His godlike attributes are even lampooned in films like Baywatch or Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, where his characters have no weaknesses. His admitting to struggling with Depression, therefore, surprised many. According to an interview with The Daily Express, Johnson’s major… Continue reading Celebrities with Mental Health Issues: Dwayne Johnson

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness month. While it’s great there’s a month dedicated to this, it should be 365-day year awareness. I understand suicide can be a touchy subject especially for those who have struggled with it themselves or have lost a loved one to it. I wanted to share my personal story with suicide… Continue reading September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

How Do I Be Positive?

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Getting into a cycle of negative and pessimistic thoughts is so easy for me. I look at a situation and can pick out all of the insurmountable challenges. Whether it’s related to work, writing, relationships or general life, I see life with a negative perspective. It’s like having permanent sunglasses on that prevent me from… Continue reading How Do I Be Positive?

Depression & Anxiety Returns

My title sounds like a bad sequel in a movie franchise that will not die. I’m trying to keep it light hearted since I’ve really been struggling today. My mental health has been doing so well for the past few months. I’ve been able to think clearly, function normally and even step outside of my… Continue reading Depression & Anxiety Returns

How an Emotional Support Animal Helped With my Healing

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I got my cat Calypso five years ago when I had moved back home from University. That period of my life was when I was struggling badly with my mental health. I had withdrawn from University because I had been sexually assaulted and my mental health was on the decline.   Moving back home, I… Continue reading How an Emotional Support Animal Helped With my Healing

Can I Keep It Together?

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I’ve lived with depression and anxiety my entire life so I understand the ups and downs of mental illness well. There are days when all things are fine then others where I wonder if getting out of bed is even worth it. Right now I’m in a good spot mentally. It’s nice to have that… Continue reading Can I Keep It Together?

Mental Illness Really Sucks

You wouldn’t believe this, but mental illness sucks. I spend a lot of days just stuck. I lack motivation or a positive outlook or even the will to shower. People telling me that things will get better do not help. I mean, things will get better for them… And I only have depression. What I’ve read… Continue reading Mental Illness Really Sucks

A Birthday Reflection

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Yesterday I turned 26 years old. I had an absolutely wonderful day spent with my family and my boyfriend. There was nothing lavish or anything but it was time well spent and I felt appreciated by everyone. One of my love languages is quality time so getting to spend time with the people I’m closest… Continue reading A Birthday Reflection

Does Mental Illness = Weakness?

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This weekend was very difficult for me. My mental illness had me in its grip tight which kept me in bed for Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and about 75 percent of Sunday. My boyfriend and I were butting heads which really made me anxious. I was having so many worries because of our argument that… Continue reading Does Mental Illness = Weakness?

Encouraging Myself Before I Snap

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I’m having a very difficult day today. My anxiety levels are high while my depression is begging for me to crawl into bed where I can fall apart. Since my iPhone woke me up this morning I have wanted to go back to sleep. I considered not getting up, to call in sick so that… Continue reading Encouraging Myself Before I Snap