Family Estrangement After Childhood Trauma

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My friends from large families never understood why I don’t enjoy family gatherings. I don’t like crowds, even if I know everyone. I don’t see my family often enough to know any of them. This is my extended family, but what about the family I grew up with? I have my parents and two older… Continue reading Family Estrangement After Childhood Trauma

That Time I Almost Went to Disneyland

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Growing up, my family never went on any vacations. One year when I was eight, we traveled to Tennessee for a family reunion. I didn’t know anyone on that side of the family and never made friends quickly anyway. I don’t remember any other time we traveled somewhere that didn’t involve moving. We lived in… Continue reading That Time I Almost Went to Disneyland

Having a Mental Illness as a Kid is Tough

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I truly believe that I was born anxious. I had serious separation anxiety as a baby up through most of elementary school when I was away from my mom. This lasted for way longer than it should have for a normal child. As a kid, at least in my experience, I didn’t have the brain… Continue reading Having a Mental Illness as a Kid is Tough

Healing Through Poetry

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April is National Poetry Month. Poetry has played a significant role in my healing process. I spent many years discovering myself and learning how to heal. The things hurting me were not always clear. I wrote my first poem when I was 15 in 2002. Terrible does not describe those early poems, but I continued… Continue reading Healing Through Poetry