Searching for Balance

Sorry I haven’t been so active here on the Bipolar Writer as I normally am. My life has been so out of whack that I can’t seem to find balance. I have been coping with this imbalance by binge eating/overeating on a regular basis. Once I open my mouth, I have no idea when I… Continue reading Searching for Balance

The Unfettered Insanity of Unmedicated Bipolar Disorder

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My wife says she can always tell when I go off my medication. She says I stop making sense, speak gibberish, and do and say things that are utterly irrational. I say she can tell because when I’m off my meds, I feel nonsensical, disconnected and irrational. I’m perfectly aware of the inane babble that… Continue reading The Unfettered Insanity of Unmedicated Bipolar Disorder

The Long Road to Betterment

As human beings, regardless of our backgrounds, we’ve become conditioned to evaluate our success in life based on the monetary value of our material possessions. The impact of this trending train of thought has become detrimental to our society, and is especially toxic for those of us who already struggle to find our sense of… Continue reading The Long Road to Betterment

To Be(er), Or Not To Be(er)

“Please Drink Responsibly” is the phrase slapped across every product you must be twenty-one years of age to purchase in the United States. Alcohol has been, is, and always will be one of the most controversial matters in history for many reasons. Our grandfathers’ fathers made it hidden in the south eastern mountains to provide… Continue reading To Be(er), Or Not To Be(er)

Easier said than done? Work-life balance

I want to begin by thanking those who participated in the poll that I posted last week. I got a lot of great insight on topics y’all would like to see in the coming weeks. 19.15% of y’all voted for “work-life balance,” which I will be discussing today. What is work-life balance? There’s no doubt… Continue reading Easier said than done? Work-life balance


I sat in the waiting room clutching papers in my hand. For two weeks I had prepared to tell my doctor that I finally began seeing a therapist and that the diagnosis from her standpoint was leaning towards bipolar disorder. Awkwardly I gathered my things together once my name was called and followed the nurse… Continue reading Stabilize

My Thoughts on a New Semester

This is a blog post about my life. I am looking to work on my mental health this month. I am trying to lessen the amount of stress in my life, and right in the middle of what’s going to be a rough semester. It’s always hard to start yet another semester on this journey… Continue reading My Thoughts on a New Semester