The Best of Me

“You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you,” are the lyrics to “Magic Shop” by Korean pop group BTS. I have been listening to this song over and over because I keep thinking about these words.

Sure, it’s not the most eloquent phrasing but I think that they are on to something here.

For ages we have all been told to give everything our best whether it’s academics, athletics, music, art, relationships, etc. That if we give anything our best effort we have a higher likelihood of succeeding.

During the many times I have sat and contemplated these lyrics, I understand it as we so often give the best of ourselves to others but have a harder time giving the best for ourselves.

I try to give my best to my family, boyfriend, pets and friends but when it comes to giving my best for me, that’s a different story. I know that eating well, exercising and having human interaction is good for me but I don’t always put in the effort. If I had a paradigm shift, I would try harder to do the things that are good for me so I could be at my very best.

If I gave my best for myself, what would my life look like? This is a question I have been focusing on, digging deep into it to find a possible answer.

I still don’t have an answer but during these weird times of social distancing and staying home basically all the damn time, I have time to really think about it. I also have the time to focus on giving myself the very best of me.

What do you think of these lyrics? Do you have a similar interpretation or not? Do you think you give yourself the best of you?

Please everyone be smart and safe!

Purpose in Positivity

Find the Positive in All You Do

There is an odd/weird phenomenon that occurs with me. You see I have mild OCD and one of the characteristics of OCD include obsessive thinking. Although my case is considered mild, my obsessive thinking is far from it.

As I was laying down, before bed, my mind was racing trying to decipher the madness. When I woke, purpose is what came of a long night of obsessing. This is how I often choose my writing topics. I clearly see a word, in my mind’s eye, in different fonts, floating around. It isn’t until I write about the word before the vision ceases. Weird, right? A gift? Possibly. It depends on how you look at it.

Isn’t that with everything in life? It’s how you look at it. It is easy to fall into a pit of despair and the trend of negative thinking. What isn’t easy is thinking positive.

I’ve read that happiness is a decision and I disagree with that statement because my experience with bipolar depression has proven otherwise. I do, however, believe that positive thinking is a decision. It can be a struggle to find the positive in life but there is purpose in positivity.

As I mentioned above, yes my floating word is abnormal and caused by OCD but I chose to see this as a gift. And that it is indeed. If it wasn’t for this, I would need to seek inspiration for topics. It isn’t an everyday occurrence yet it is an asset.

Another example is my bipolar diagnosis. When diagnosed I immediately viewed it as a burden but since acceptance and the correct medication regime, I have found the positive.

What’s that you ask?

My blog. I began my blog to document my experiences with mental illness and from that came my purpose, perhaps my life’s purpose. I have set out to #stopthesilence and #speakup! in regards to the importance of mental health. My blog is my movement. My contribution. My purpose. My revenge.

Sure, I could be easily be discouraged but I remind myself that others, like James, have made it their mission too. I encourage you to use the hashtags #speakup! and #stopthesilence when you publish a post about life with mental illness. Let’s form an army!

I now challenge you to find the positive in an area of your life that may have a negative impact. Try it.

Does positivity work for you?