My double sidedness

I originally started my blog – Haelim’s Couch with an intention to be vulnerable and raw with my audience.

Don’t get me wrong, I still am. I share openly about my mental health, and faith as it is a big part of my life.

However, is it selfish of me to wanting to start another blog anonymously – just so I can use it as a space to vent?

I’ve been noticing lately (especially after stop seeing my therapist) that I feel a strong urge to scream into an empty space. I have great friends and have a great relationship with my family members. Nevertheless, there are things in life that I just don’t think it’s either the right time for me to share or just would make my friends and family worry if I do.

As I was driving back home today, I had such a strong urge to go instantly create a new blog anonymously so that I can use it to share whatever I need to get off my chest without worrying about “scaring” anyone away.

Now, before you say the people that get “scared” away by the things I share doesn’t matter whether they’re in my life or not, hear me out.

I’m about to start graduate school training to become a social worker this fall. I am in no means trying to be “fake” and pretend that I have everything all together. However, I feel the need to have a sense of calmness without having to share any “dark” thoughts that I sometimes just need to.

Fellow bloggers, what are your thoughts? Am I being selfish?