This is a two part post: The next part is scheduled to be posted tomorrow. I want to start off by saying that I voluntarily see my psych doc weekly because I need a lot of accountability regarding my medication. It is a personal choice and in no way does it reflect my dedication to… Continue reading Clarity.

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

Sometimes, life gives you lemons. At other times, it throws them at you. Really, really hard. Especially if you’re not looking. In one moment, you might think you’ve got everything under control: Job = secure Bills = paid Clothes = washed Social life = uhhh…work in progress Prescription = filled And in the next moment…pure… Continue reading Ain’t No Mountain High Enough

The One Thing That Keeps Me Going

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More and more people tell me to do what makes me happy. Writing makes me happy. Whether I’m writing a poem, a short story, a novel, or blog journal post; writing makes me happy. Lately it doesn’t feel like anything else makes me happy. Nothing really. Sometimes coworkers make work fun but it’s not something… Continue reading The One Thing That Keeps Me Going

The Night Run

The Night Run A short story based on actual events by Chelsea Walker She sits down on the brown couch in the living room to tie her shoes and then she’ll be ready to go. “Are you running, Mom?” Stella asks. “Yep.”  Chelsea finishes her runner’s knot and stands to adjust the lighted vest she’s… Continue reading The Night Run

Music That Changes my Mood – Part Eight

Music really helped me get through a tough week. Here is another version of “Music That Changes My Mood.” Here is the full series. Crystalyne – “Wolves” Courage My Love – You Don’t Know How Paramore – Misery Business Panic! At The Disco – Build God, Then We’ll Talk Fall Out Boy – Sugar, We’re… Continue reading Music That Changes my Mood – Part Eight

What I Learned Today

I have written many different pieces on social anxiety, and this is just one of them. It will be a theme in 2018. Here is the link to “My Social Anxiety Life.” What I Learned Today in my Social Anxiety Life Today I realized something new about my social anxiety. It started yesterday after leaving… Continue reading What I Learned Today

A Slight delay – Angel on the Ward

It looks like there will be a delay in releasing the rest of my short story Angel on the Ward. I was editing today and had a computer malfunction and for some reason, my program failed to save when I had to do a hard reset on my computer. I have tried everything to recover the edited… Continue reading A Slight delay – Angel on the Ward

Angel on the Ward – Part 2

I am very excited to share part two of my short story entitled Angel on the Ward. I broke it into pieces because it is a very long story. This is part one. The story is set in November of 2007 during my first suicide attempt and diagnosis. The story covers the entire week of Thanksgiving,… Continue reading Angel on the Ward – Part 2