My Love for Korean Pop – APink!

I love these types of posts because I get to share my love for Korean Pop. For as long as I can remember, when Girls Generation came of the scene, I have loved the Korean language expressed through music. I love ballads, and you can get plenty in the genre. This week I would like to share one of my favorite groups–APink! So here are some of my favorites!

The Best of Me

“You gave me the best of me, so you’ll give you the best of you,” are the lyrics to “Magic Shop” by Korean pop group BTS. I have been listening to this song over and over because I keep thinking about these words. Sure, it’s not the most eloquent phrasing but I think that they… Continue reading The Best of Me

“You Can Talk to Us”: Social Anxiety at Work

Social anxiety presents itself in a variety of forms for different people and can be perceived by others in a lot of negative ways. Last week I got called out by a coworker for rarely speaking to the employees on the first floor. My desk is in the basement along with 3 other workspaces that… Continue reading “You Can Talk to Us”: Social Anxiety at Work

Something Fun – My Love for K-Pop

I have written about this and posted music on this blog. I have also shared my love for Korean pop music, something of a guilty pleasure. I listen to K-pop more during the day than any other music. Today I wanted to dedicate this post of my favorite Korean singer, Taeyeon. Music is the great… Continue reading Something Fun – My Love for K-Pop

Broken wiring

Mmm. Interesting. What are my worst symptoms? That’s a tough question to answer.   Feeling like death every day, lack of ability to concentrate, restlessness, depersonalisation, bouts of anger which I turn in against myself; either caring far too much about things or not caring at all.   Feeling like I am composed of a series… Continue reading Broken wiring

How My Loud Bipolar Whispers (with a music video)

“My loud b;polar roars fear, anger and sorrow and whispers hope, inspiration and love at the same time.” ~written by Susan Walz If you ever wondered about the meaning behind the title of my blog, My Loud Bipolar Whispers, and how it came to fruition, I will explain it the best I can… The definition of loud is… Continue reading How My Loud Bipolar Whispers (with a music video)

A Letter to Myself on my Birthday

Note: I have wanted write this blog post since day one of starting The Bipolar Writer blog. It seemed to fit that on a day like today— my birthday— that I would share this letter. It means the world to me to be in a place where this is possible, to talk about where I… Continue reading A Letter to Myself on my Birthday

CBT – Mood Induction with Music

I am getting back on track with my cognitive behavior therapy and I wanted to share a post from my past. For those that don’t know, music is a major part of how I get through my day. You can find it the series of my favorite music here. Favorite Music  I honestly can’t live without… Continue reading CBT – Mood Induction with Music

Music That Changes my Mood Part Seven

Its been a long last two days working on my statistics class and I need a good music session to get the rest of my night. I thought why now share it with you? I really hate the first week of the semester because there is just way too much overload that first week. I… Continue reading Music That Changes my Mood Part Seven

Music that Changes my Mood Part Five

Welcome to part five of “Music that Changes my Mood.” This is the first edition of the New Year, and I am really looking forward to sharing more music that changes my mood when depression is taking me over. It has been amazing to share my favorites on my music playlist. Music is always a… Continue reading Music that Changes my Mood Part Five