Bringing Back Interview Features

It has been a few weeks since I have written an interview feature. It has been the greatest thing to start sharing the stories of my fellow mental illness bloggers. I have enjoyed writing every single one of these feature articles. I thought I had everything organized but somehow I lost some of the people… Continue reading Bringing Back Interview Features

Depression & Dave Chappelle

What? Yeah, I know the title sounds like click bait but I assure you it’s not. (well maybe a little.) This isn’t necessarily an easy topic to tackle and I will do as much as my perspective and insight will allow for. I’ve been wanting to write about Chappelle for awhile and the fact that… Continue reading Depression & Dave Chappelle

My Weekly Wrap-up of the Bipolar Writer Blog

It has been a couple of weeks since writing a wrap up. With the added volume of contributor writers on my blog is it imperative to do these weekly wrap-ups. This is place to go for all the amazing posts that you can find on The Bipolar Writer Blog. These wrap-ups end my week and… Continue reading My Weekly Wrap-up of the Bipolar Writer Blog

The Mutations of Mental Health

I read a post recently that made reference to the idea that mental health is not just something for the mentally ill to worry about, any more than physical health is only for the sick. It’s health and something that everyone has to manage for their own well-being. This is important to consider because there’s… Continue reading The Mutations of Mental Health

Are There Different Levels of Depression?

Are There Different Levels of Depression? It’s a very interesting and intriguing question. Depression is such a hard thing to define by itself because there really are different types and varying degrees of how bad and how long depression can last. Depression is one part of the equation that is Bipolar One disorder. It can… Continue reading Are There Different Levels of Depression?