My Demon Said To Me

Broken and alone
Chilled to the bone
Confused, spinning
From the chorus in my home
‘You’re not enough
You’re not enough
You can’t do it on your own’

I concede
I give in
Okay, I’ll listen
I must admit
I’ve come to love
The way the cold blade glistens

But when I close my eyes to go
Among those who
Took fate by the throat
Something whispers
Soft and slow

I tilt my head
To lean in to the muse
And my demon says
No one can hurt you

As long as I’m here…no one can hurt you.

Happy International Left-Hander’s Day!

A whole day just for left-handed people? That is something that I can get behind!

This is not the usual thing that you see on The Bipolar Writer blog, but it is the first time since starting this blog that I can celebrate my left-handedness with the world. At times, I complain about being left-handed. This comes from years as a kid always having to go classroom to classroom in search of left-ha nded scissors (seriously why don’t they make ambidextrous scissors a regular thing?)

To be honest, I do love being left-handed. People tend to notice that first as I do almost everything with my left (except for wearing my watch with for some odd reason I wear on my right wrist.) It makes me a little unique. I love to meet left-handed people thought that has been surprisingly rare lately. My favorite baseball player, #22 Clayton  Kershaw who pitches tonight against the rival Giants, is a lefty.

It got me thinking while writing this post. How many of my mental illness community bloggers are lefties?

I’d love to know if you think being left-handed makes you more apt to be creative. Some experts believe that us caleb-lucas-538166-unsplashlefties are right brain dominant (the creative side) so much that we are very good at creative works. The downside of being a lefty for me is that I am incredibly clumsy.

It would be interesting to know, so if like me you’re a lefty, sound off!!!

Share your lefty experiences. If you a righty, tell an odd story about a lefty.

Happy International Left-handers day!

Always Keep Fighting


Photo Credit:

Caleb Lucas