What are Your Worst Mental Illness Symptoms

I feel better. My depression lessened over the weekend, and I have a good feeling about where the rest of February will go when it comes to the depressive episode being entirely over.

I have not felt this good since the first week of January. While thinking about what to write this week on my blog I came up with a question that I want to pose to the followers and contributors of The Bipolar Writer blog. Just a couple of questions.

Identify what you struggle with…

What are your worst symptoms?

How do you dea?

Feel free to leave your comments down below! Let us use this as a stepping stone to something great. Maybe it will inspire you to write a blog post!

Always Keep Fighting


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A Repost – Upgrading The Bipolar Writer Blog – I Need Your Help

Upgrading, and Why it is Important

There was some confusion about how to donate money to the cause, and I wanted to take this opportunity to redo my previous post. I will explain what upgrading means for this blog. These are the ways to donate.

My GoFundMe Page


Now, I had to use my real name for this (I write under my pseudonym James Edgar Skye) so don’t be surprised by the name–David TC. Also, this allows me to show how much has been donated (I will give the running total at the end of the post.

Donate Through PayPal

This is another excellent way to donate, and to do so just press Pay with PayPal and you can choose to give a minimum of $3.00 (you can decide how much based on the number so 3 times would be 3 x 3 and you would donate nine dollars.)

Venmo – 831-287-4369

I don’t mind sharing my number (I have before several times in the past.

Right now we are at $110 total donations which is pretty amazing. Every penny will be going to the upgrade. I thank everyone who has already been a part of this goal. The goal is $325, what it would cost to upgrade for two years. When I reach this goal, I will be taking this page down.

What I am planning on doing is upgrading this blog to the business class. I can do a lot more with sharing the stories of others through this platform. What I want to do is take this blog to the next level. I want to be able to allow others to sell their work on my blog. (It will also help me sell my own work so there is that part of why I would like to upgrade.)

When this blog hit 10,000 (now plus) followers, I was thinking of ways to make it better. My goal is to spread the word about mental illness. Upgrading to a business blog would allow better SEO tools among the many positives of this upgrade. I would love to do it myself, it is my blog after all, but most of my money is going to my memoir. This would benefit any mental health blogger that wants to be a part of this fantastic community my collaborators, and I have created. I want this blog to be so much more and reach so many more amazing people.

Let’s do this together! If you can’t donate please share this blog post on social media. It could make a major difference!

Always Keep Fighting (AKF)


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The Bipolar Writer Needs Help… Again


This is my GoFundMe under my real name David TC (I wasn’t sure if I could get the funds if I used my Pen Name James Edgar Skye.) Thank you in advance for donating!

So, my goal is $300. The cost to upgrade. If 100 people donate 3 dollars, I can reach my goal quickly (the donation button is below through PayPal.) I am going to try and keep this post going all weekend in hopes that I reach my goal. Please, if you can help it would be amazing, and if you can’t, I understand. I haven’t done one of these in a while, so here it goes!

If you can’t donate please reblog this post or share my GoFundMe link above, it would mean the world to me!

You Can Also Donate Below!

Just Click the Pay with PayPal button!

Always Keep Fighting & Thank You



The Bipolar Writer Blog Contributors


I wanted to make a shoutout to the contributors on The Bipolar Writer on the continued success we have had on this blog. I was thinking of starting something new.

I wanted to start an author bio section page for the blog. An introduction to each author, where you can share with the readers of this blog a little about yourself and your mental health journey. It would be great to show the readers who you are beyond the writing. If you are contributor and would like to add your bio (and a picture of you like) to this new page let me know!

On the other side, I am still looking to expand my blog with more contrubitors, so if you would like to join please email me @ jamesedgarskye22@gmail.com

Always Keep Fighting


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Share Your Story – A Mental Health Safe Place Pt. 2


The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Mental Health Blog is what I consider a safe place for those who are suffering from mental illness. A place where each of us can tell their stories. It could be as a collaborator, a guest blogger under your name, or an anonymous guest post.

I want The Bipolar Writer Blog to be a mental health place where people can feel free to share their stories. So here is what I will be offering.

  • Anonymous Guest Blog spots
  • Guest blog spots for regular bloggers
  • Interview Features that I write
  • Becoming a collaborative blogger on The Bipolar Writer blog.

This will be a safe place for all those that have mental illness.

All inquiries email me @ jamesedgarskye22@gmail.com

Always Keep Fighting (AKF)


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Topics of Discussion – October on The Bipolar Writer Blog


It is Fall!! I love this time of year because the coffee selection goes through the roof. Just in time too because I am getting back into the groove of school, and coffee is life.

So, what shall we talk about in October?

These posts have been helpful in the past so it is great to open the floor to my fellow followers and bloggers to what topics the Bipolar Writer should discuss here. I would love your feedback.

Interview Features – The Series

I want to also open up my series of interview features again, so if you would like to be featured on The Bipolar Writer blog, please email me @ jamesedgarskye22@gmail.com for more info and the list of questions. I’d love to add more interviews by the end of the year.

With that said, I look forward to hearing from you my followers and to have the most amazing October.


Always Keep Fighting

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Looking for a Book Cover Artist

A blog post such a this is not my usual thing here on The Bipolar Writer blog, but I am at a crossroads of sorts. I have struck out locally to find an artist willing to create a cover for my memoir The Bipolar Writer, so I thought, why not ask my fellow bloggers.

I need your help! I really want to publish my book sooner rather than later.

I can’t pay a whole lot up front and to be honest when it comes to what I want I have no idea. What I offer is some compensation up front and compensation when I publish my memoir. If you are interested or know an artist willing to help please email me @ jamesedgarskye22@gmail.com.

Also, I am still learning about publishing so any pointers from my fellow bloggers would be helpful as well.

Thank you so much!

Always Keep Fighting


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Contributor Writers on The Bipolar Writer Blog

I had some time today, so I thought it was time to expand my contributor blogger family. Since introducing new contributor bloggers on The Bipolar Writer blog. It has been a fantastic journey since adding members of the mental illness community to come to this collaborative blog and share their story. So here is what is expected for contributor bloggers on The Bipolar Writer blog.

“Just FYI the content you write on The Bipolar Writer is all your own. You will get the notifications for likes and comments. I reserve the right to publish and proofread if necessary. I like the content to be mental health, any subject, and at least one post every two weeks. You can write as much as you like, I always post the blog posts of contributor writers. I have blogging schedule (usually 2-3 slots a day) and I have almost 30 contributors that will include you.

The writing is first to come first on the blog, so it could take a day for your content to go live. I do post as well so I often will take one slot. The times are all Pacific Time and around the following times. (9:00am, 2pm). Also, I require that you pick your tags and categories and provide at least one picture in the featured image section of the options. Just letting you know that the picture selection is limited to what I have on my blog. If you want specific pictures, you must email them to me. If this works for you I will add you, all I need is the email connected to your blog so that I can add you. You will receive another email welcoming you to the team.”

If you are interested in joining the team email me @ jamesedgarskye22@gmail.com

Always Keep Fighting


Sharing My Vision for The Bipolar Writer Blog

I hope that each and every one of my fellow bloggers take a much-needed time off this Labor Day weekend. I recently wrote a couple of posts that talked about in small detail my plans for the future of The Bipolar Writer as we enter the one year anniversary of starting this blog. I think I went about it in the wrong way. Yes, I am struggling to upgrade to a business WordPress account, but I didn’t explain why.


Please use this link to donate

My Vision of the Future – The Bipolar Writer Blog


I started this blog with a premium service here on WordPress. It gave me a domain name, access to the best themes on WordPress, and other important things that seemed important this past September. I never understood that this blog would become so amazing that I would consider upgrading my blog further than the premium service.

Please use this link to donate

It makes sense that the business plan would be the next logical step for my blog. It has better tools to help me grow my blog, and at the same time– it would help me increase the followers beyond just WordPress. It will give me SEO tools, plug-ins, and integrating Google analytics.

Then There is Why I Want to Grow


If my plan is successful and I am able to raise enough funds to cover the cost of the WordPress Business plan I plan on expanding my list of contributor bloggers here on The Bipolar Writer. I currently have a family of twenty-two fantastic contributor bloggers that have made this blog into the amazing thing it is today.

I plan to expand to fifty (50) writers by the end of the year, and each will be able to share their experiences with their own mental illness. That is how we end the stigma that surrounds mental illness with shared experiences, I write more about it here: Why do We Fight to End the Mental Illness Stigma?

I plan to make this blog self sufficient in the coming months by adding an Editor position because the high volume of contributors will need another set of eyes. I will upgrade my best contributor blogger to authors so they can add their posts without needing me to edit. It will be the most trustworthy of my group.

Why I Need Donations


I have been saving every penny for one goal. Publishing my memoir. I have had donations in the past, and those are going towards paying an artist who can create a fantastic cover for me. (I am still having issues with finding an artist who shares my vision.) I just don’t have the funds for the business plan. I have ten days to either get enough donations or stick with my plan in hopes that eventually I will have enough.

Please use this link to donate

So I ask if you can just give $2 that would help so much. If you can provide more, it would be amazing. Regardless, every person that donates will get a special mention in my memoir, and if we reach our goal, each will get a special thank you card from me via email and a mention in a blog post. This will be the last post about this, I do hope we reach the goal. I have never been disappointed by my fellow mental illness bloggers.


Always Keep Fighting (AKF)

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