This will end. But what kind of ‘normality’ do we want back?

If you are a bird, an ozone layer or a panda in Hong Kong, this is a good time for you.  Not for the rest of us, especially those who spend their lives negotiating the river rapids of anxiety and depression. In a few short weeks, the engines of capitalism have been brought to a… Continue reading This will end. But what kind of ‘normality’ do we want back?

We Mental Health Sufferers are a Resource Free Zone

I managed to get ill recently – this dreaded virus going around or something else who knows. In the UK it was impossible to get tested for Corvid 19 unless you’d just arrived from somewhere that had the virus or been in direct contact with someone else who had, but the fact that other people… Continue reading We Mental Health Sufferers are a Resource Free Zone

Looking for gold veins in black granite

How is it best to be, think, or feel,  when we are threatened by darkness, whether from external factors or whether in our own minds?  I think this is a question which concerns a lot of people now.  We look around and things are difficult, there is suffering everywhere, terrible ecological anxieties, political upheavals.    It’s… Continue reading Looking for gold veins in black granite

Do you ever have a normal day?

Has anyone  ever seen the film I Robot starring Will Smith? It’s based on a story by Isaac Asimov.  Smith plays his  typical action man role with misbehaving robots added.  The ultimate premise of the tale is how does one keep humanity safe – not from sci-fi’s ubiquitous invading aliens, no not even killer robots… Continue reading Do you ever have a normal day?

Firefighting under the Sun

I  was lucky to be able to take a holiday recently – not everyone is able to afford either the time or the money but on this occasion I could, and I did.   It was a much needed break.    It felt like the longest time since I’d taken the sort of holiday which… Continue reading Firefighting under the Sun

A life in three halves

I apologise for the lack of recent posts.  A combination of overwork, overstress and … well, you know.   I don’t need to say because everyone on this site knows. I love this image it feels like a perfect reflection of my current state of mind – half mad half elated, half depressed.   A life… Continue reading A life in three halves

Loneliness: the 21st century epidemic

I was listening to the radio this morning when the commentator – talking about violinist Nigel Kennedy – said that the latter despite having a vibrant career in classical music and being the first violinist to acquire almost popstar status – had no computer, didn’t own one and was reported to have said that he… Continue reading Loneliness: the 21st century epidemic

We warriors need a bit of time out …

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May has come and gone and here is June.  It’s been a few weeks since I posted on here.  Things have been going quite well and I’m grateful.  We all need a break from worrying about how we feel so its lovely not to have to for this window of peace.   I’m keeping up with… Continue reading We warriors need a bit of time out …

Colours of a limited palette

It’s been a difficult time again.  A ‘low period’ as various healthcare professional like to call it – don’t you just love the power of understatement.  What a ‘low period’ means for me is a blackness – I heard someone on TV the other day calling depression a blackness and there is simply no other colour… Continue reading Colours of a limited palette