Happy Healthy Holidays

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Lots of wishes float around this time of year. Lists are jam packed with material goods, gadgets and toys people covet. Well wishes also abound as folks entreat each other to celebrate all of the holidays that fall in December. In that spirit, I want to wish all of us in this community a Healthy… Continue reading Happy Healthy Holidays

The Lure of Normal

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  I’ve been away as a contributor to this blog not because of illness, but due to the lack of it. As a survivor of Bipolar I, my moods run the gamut from depressed to supremely manic. Lately, however, I’ve found myself in the sweet spot a lot of people would call normal. I’m watchful… Continue reading The Lure of Normal

News About This Week’s Zoom Call

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Happy Friday! My name is Colleen Burns Durda, @theoriginalcbd, and I’m a guest blogger on The Bipolar Writer’s collaborative mental health blog. For the past few weeks, James Edgar Skye, (aka The Bipolar Writer) has hosted a Zoom call to discuss various topics surrounding mental illness and emotional well-being. This week I’ll be guest hosting… Continue reading News About This Week’s Zoom Call

The Sting of Stigma

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(Trigger warning: This post contains terms mental health survivors may find offensive.)   When first confronted with the locked ward thirty years ago, you could say I resisted. I had an inkling something wasn’t quite right with me, but I most certainly had no interest in joining the ranks of the mentally ill. I knew… Continue reading The Sting of Stigma

That Friend

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Friendship doesn’t come naturally for me. Add a mental health diagnosis and it’s downright fraught. I tend to treat friend making like double Dutch jump rope. I watch some girls jump in, dance around and jump out. I watch for a really long time. Then I finally feel the beat, take the risk and make… Continue reading That Friend

New Kid on the Blog

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Not long ago, I went looking for relevant content by like-minded writers. The Bipolar Writer appeared in most of my searches and I decided to follow his collaborative blog. He extended an invitation to join the team, I accepted, and would like to introduce myself. I am a mental health survivor with a diagnosis of… Continue reading New Kid on the Blog