Need The universe playes a trick on usIt makes us loveAnd love makes us needy So we bend and fold and adapt and changeOh, to satisfy our needTo be lovedTo be seenBeyond the skin Beyond the acceptable ways to beTo be seenAnd heardAnd understood for onceTreated softlyTaken care ofLike we are worthyLike we are goldAnd… Continue reading NEED


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Stop saying”Turn your face towards the sun and let the shadows fall behind” It doesn’t work that way Stop saying”Everything happens for a reason” It doesn’t Stop saying”Time heals all wounds” Time does no such thing Stop telling me that life is not fair I’ve known this since birth Stop telling me to “let it… Continue reading LEAVE ME ALONE


HUNGRY Hiss of bacon – crunch of toast – syrup golden –  chocolate log Butter dripping –  jellies crunching – fat a-crackling – mayonnaise Samoosas and pretzels and quaint pastry squares Puff them all for me baby Tell them all for me : “Rise!” Icing and sugar and lemon meringue Salmon and fillet and mushroom… Continue reading HUNGRY

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When Your Heart Is Breaking

I drove to school this morning listening to  a Rachmaninoff piano concerto while taking in a breathtaking orange-red sunrise over the Eastern Cape veld. As always, the 35 minute drive allowed my thoughts to wander. I was thinking about gifts. Blessings. Questions with no answers. Faith. What we believe to be true about God. The… Continue reading When Your Heart Is Breaking


Examine the image closely.  Imagine yourself on that stage, under those lights. Imagine all those seats filled with students. There’s anticipation in the air because they are finally quiet. Ready for the show to begin. All eyes on you. On your every move. On your outfit, your shoes, your hairstyle. Is your heart beating a… Continue reading Aaaaaand…Action!