Death’s Kiss

As I lay in bed I cannot ignore the weight of dread for the months ahead I practice being in the moment instead Yet… it will not get out of my head Spring is a time of life For me, it is strife I question if I’d be better off dead “Depression” The doctor has… Continue reading Death’s Kiss

Safe Space

She often contemplates Of a distant life One without strife Curious of where she hide When all is chaotic inside She fears her safe space mimicks pandora’s box It lies hidden beneath her surface Unlike a treasure chest Not meant to be discovered For this space holds secrets Most of which permeate And she, unaware… Continue reading Safe Space

Societal Genocide

A society screaming for acceptance Sits judging the alcoholic mom Religious people condemn others to hell As Priests rape innocent, God-fearing boys Promoting originality and authenticity Forgetting to disclose an addiction to prescription pain pills Chanting for equal rights Gripping your purse if a black man is in sight Turning your back And closing our… Continue reading Societal Genocide

It’s Time I Fly

Persistent I focus on growth, you cannot help but complain. Much of my life, it’s been the same. Never enough Or the wrong time, Too much, too soon. You find the most inopportune moments as if you are searching for a clue. Mysteriously problems arise, My fault, in your eyes. Chastise me as your child,… Continue reading It’s Time I Fly


I feel it It is trying to lure me in Singing its melody Like charming a snake Wrapping me in a warm coddle Promising to protect Never to neglect Except. . Washing aside egotistical pride Burrowing Nestling Within Refusing a grin Dare I let depression Win? ? It’s an unfair battle I become reliant Forget… Continue reading Thin


Her walk some consider a flaunt Posture like that of a ballerina A look of confidence masks her truth Up close you will see the tremble of her hands If you dare look her in the eye, intensity becomes visual Unpenetrable wall hides her pain Her soul broken in innocence Shame, Her life sentence From… Continue reading Hurricane

Meant to Be

For his attention She fight Without his approval Her dreams would not catch flight Self-sabotaging rendered her insane Poison flowed through her veins Risking a life she could not love Losing faith of anyone above A father who belittled his daughter Confusing her was the pain She sought in others a fragile love The one… Continue reading Meant to Be


I come and go as I please. I always have. Usually, I want to be missed. But not this time, it’s been pure bipolar bliss; being a miss. It isn’t easy being in this world, only to exist. With moods that have fits. Yet I have found my peace with my inner beast. Dormant she… Continue reading She

Angela Rebecca

I wanna talk about you. But I don’t. No one understands that I promised a man to hold his daughter’s hand. She is far out in dead man’s land. A break intended for self-reflection has resulted in deflection. Refusing to look in the mirror or by your side Where is it Angie that you hide?… Continue reading Angela Rebecca