Children’s book for mental illness

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To turn my back around from COVID – 19driving me up the wall, I decided to pour my time and energy into a project that I have been wanting to start for a long time. Which is to write a children’s book on introducing mental illness with a gentle approach and write a book to… Continue reading Children’s book for mental illness

The magic wand

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I can’t even remember when the last time I wrote here as a collaborator. Since my last time on here, many, many things happened. I graduated from college, started graduate school and now started my internship as a social worker. I always imagined how it would be like to be on the other side of… Continue reading The magic wand

Can I “lose” a diagnosis?

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About a year ago, I was diagnosed with Major Depression and OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). It was a diagnosis that was agreed upon both my psychiatrist and I, as we went through the DSM together to make sure we were on the same page. Throughout this past year, I went through phases of really struggling… Continue reading Can I “lose” a diagnosis?


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As I entered the field of social work, the term “self-care” has been a constant term that has been getting drilled into our minds. Faculties and staff keep on reminding us to take care of ourselves, not only in a surface level – but in also in an interpersonal level. I always said blogging is… Continue reading Self-care

Depressed or Sad?

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It has recently come to my attention that every time I get sad, I immediately start panicking if I’m relapsing for depression. Sadness is an emotion that any human beings can experience. Definitely not saying depression is not normal – but sadness is something that we can more commonly experience than feeling depressed. Missing your… Continue reading Depressed or Sad?


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After finishing undergrad in May, I decided to take a risk and take a solo trip to Spain and Portugal.  I am staying with a host family as an au pair (a traditional live in nanny). Thankfully, I was able to find a family in Northern Spain as a live in English tutor and it’s… Continue reading Untitled

Celebrating my “anniversary”

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I’m reaching my first anniversary of my diagnosis (depression and OCD) – July 5th.  I thought I would be extra sensitive leading up to those days, but thankfully – life has been keeping me pretty occupied to help me not dwell in negative thoughts. Being part of this collaborative blog, I’ve seen many bloggers writing… Continue reading Celebrating my “anniversary”

My double sidedness

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I originally started my blog – Haelim’s Couch with an intention to be vulnerable and raw with my audience. Don’t get me wrong, I still am. I share openly about my mental health, and faith as it is a big part of my life. However, is it selfish of me to wanting to start another… Continue reading My double sidedness

SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder

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Summer was never a hard time of the year until recently. June 21st, 2018 – I started to experience something I never thought was possible. Heart wrenching sadness, losing my appetite, and losing my desire to live. From June 21st to July 4th of 2018, it was an absolute nightmare. Following up to June 21st,… Continue reading SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder

When are you done?

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I initially refused to start medication because I was afraid I might have to take it forever. Now, being on it – my fear is gone. I am no longer afraid to be medication for the rest of my life. I appreciate the change it brought to my life, and I am rather very thankful… Continue reading When are you done?