Bella’s Babbles: Mosaics and Life

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This morning, I am sitting on the couch with one cat on each side of me.  Both are stretched out and resembling potatoes (they are orange tabbies).  Every so often my girl cat, Charlee Mae, will lift her head, turn it around and meow at me.  I haven’t a clue why.  Is my typing too… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Mosaics and Life

Bella’s Babbles: Lemons

What is the saying for lemons?  Is it the lemons don’t fall far from the tree?  Or a bad lemon spoils the bunch?  Oh yeah, I don’t think it is either one of those.  Let me think, oh yeah, it’s “if life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” I have had numerous lemons given to me,… Continue reading Bella’s Babbles: Lemons

Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure: Two Sleeps

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I have two nights remaining, or two sleeps, that’s the way we used to count down the days until Christmas, by the number of sleeps.  I have two sleeps until I leave for treatment. My to do list is starting to get shorter.  The pile of things to pack is getting taller.  The exhaustion is… Continue reading Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure: Two Sleeps

Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure: The Home Stretch

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I leave for treatment on Thursday.  It seems to have come upon us quickly in that slow agonizing kind of way.  I am the kind of person that once I have my mind made up, I am set and I am ready.  When I have to wait it is pure agony for me. I know… Continue reading Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure: The Home Stretch

Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure: Perspective

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The days are passing quickly.  I suspect that it is due to being so busy.  However, I feel like I am barely keeping my head above water so to speak, only getting done the bare minimum and my head is swimming with what still needs to be done before I leave for my big adventure.… Continue reading Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure: Perspective

Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure

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In less than two weeks I am going on an adventure.  There could be lions, tigers, or bears (oh my!~)  It was suggested that I pack light and there was a whole list of what to bring, and an even longer list of what not to bring, and I am stressing over the whole packing… Continue reading Babbles: Bella’s Big Adventure

Babbles: Patience

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When I was 18 months old, I was playing in the yard with my older brother as my mom stood at the window watching us as she washed a few dishes.  Not long into being in the yard, my brother came inside and approached my mother.  He looked up at her while she was at… Continue reading Babbles: Patience

Babbles: Is Bella Disabled?

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The definition of disable is to (of a disease, injury, or accident) limit (someone) in their movements, senses, or activities.  And it is also means to put out of action.   When I think of something being disabled, I think of the first definition for sure, but the more I dwell on the topic I… Continue reading Babbles: Is Bella Disabled?

Babbles: A Dry Well

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There are many times that I have much to say but don’t end up writing. I stop myself from typing because what I have to say is not uplifting and edifying and I fear that I will not be a positive influence on others and therefore what I want to write should not be published.… Continue reading Babbles: A Dry Well

Babbles: The Path

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In life, I have set myself on a path, outlined where I was going and how I would get to where I needed to go.  I had it all figured out.  I could see where I was, and where I needed to go, and exactly how I would get there.  It would be simple to… Continue reading Babbles: The Path