Work Anxiety is Ruling My Emotions

Making mistakes at work gives me overwhelming, day-ruining anxiety. March has been rough on me and I just want to give up and hide away under my covers for a year. The anxiety is too much.

During January and February, I was alright with work. But once March came, it felt like everything I did was wrong.

That every email I got was “Megan, I’m concerned about…”. I feel like it’s so many small things that have become a mountain that can touch the sky. Today I got an email about making too many spelling errors and that I need to do better. That tipped me over the edge.

I broke down and cried.

I have been so worried that I will get fired for my dumb mistakes that this makes me feel so defeated. Do I just give up? Do I quit before I can get fired?

Whenever I’m on a shit streak in life I shutdown. I want to become a hermit that only leaves the house to let my dog outside and go grocery shopping. That I can’t make mistakes if I’m alone by myself.

The weight of my mistakes is too much. Yes, I do need to be more thoughtful about my spelling. I think it was the straw that broke the camel’s back sort of situation though. This has been building up over a month and the floodgates went flying open.

I want to do well at work, I really do. I’ve been coasting by on the little energy I have since December. I do what I can but with my eyes glazed over and head in the clouds. I feel like I’m not totally present most days so I run on cruise control without using my brain. I play through the motions, do my tasks and say my lines, but it doesn’t mean anything.

I’m not sure if it’s depression or burn out or a heaping helping of both. It’s frustrating nonetheless. I have things I want to do but have no drive or energy to do them.

I’m going to try to make April a better month!

How do you cope with mistakes at work? When you have no energy and can’t focus, how do you sort yourself out?

Author: Megan

A 26-year-old woman trying to survive living with depression and anxiety. I love writing, petting cats, reading books and talking about nerdy stuff.

6 thoughts on “Work Anxiety is Ruling My Emotions”

  1. When I’m feeling burnt out(which is often), I try to focus on one thing at a time. Being overwhelmed never helped anyone. Even if the only thing I can control is saying that this is too much right now, that’s enough. It’s hard to advocate for yourself to yourself but you have to try and give yourself grace.

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  2. I’m sorry. Sometimes the weight of mental illness feels unbearable. For me, when time off isn’t possible, I resort to lists. They provide the structure and direction that depression tears away. I hope you can find a way to give yourself a chance to recharge. Depression is an energy-suck and it sounds like your work is doing the same thing to you right now.

    On a practical, feel-free-to-ignore-it note, you can install a Grammarly extension onto your computer to help with spelling and editing.

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    1. Lists can be a great way to put all of the jumbles on to paper. I enjoy making them on weekends especially!

      Thank you for the suggestion! I downloaded it and it seriously has made such a difference ☺️

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