The Men in Mental Health

This is something that personally hits home. Great read.

Bipolar and the Buddha

I recently did an interview with James Edgar Skye for his podcast the The Bipolar Writer Podcast. He allowed me to tell my personal stories of mental illness and life as a bipolar, and it was a great experience. I will post the link to the episode once it drops. At one point during the interview, Skye admitted to me that I was his first male interviewee, that all his other male interviewees had dropped out at the last minute. And he asked me a simple question: why is this? Why was I the first male to participate in the show? Is this endemic to male sufferers of mental illness in general? If men are not talking about their experiences with mental illness, why not? What exactly is going on here?

Directly after he put these questions to me, I thought about the many blogs that I follow concerning…

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