The Bipolar Writer Episode Eight

The Bipolar Writer Podcast is about sharing the mental health and mental illness stories of a much-overlooked community. I discuss real-life issues facing those in the mental illness community today using our stories and voices. The thing about stories is that they transcend the people I interview, the community, and society for those who don’t understand this life. I want to spotlight different ideas, including finding the middle ground between the mental illness community and the professionals treating us with medication, psychotherapy, and therapy. Stories have always been how I connect with people.

Episode Description

Episode Eight – The Bipolar Writer Podcast

My name is Maria Teresa Pratico aka Ladysag77. I’m a woman walking this journey of life in truth having liberated my authentic spirit which has freed my soul. I use my sensibilities as superpowers and the power of my love fuels my magic as a shamanic healer. Living life as a creative force assists my soul’s purpose while I express myself through writing poetry, hosting a blog, dancing, painting, and practicing yoga. My motto is “Triumphing over Trauma”. In 2011, I first became aware that I needed to reconnect with my soul after a suicide attempt. I started my journey of healing by 1st exploring my mental and emotional health, being diagnosed with CPTSD, which led to a more spiritual approach where I find myself today. There are many routes one can take that lead to the soul. No matter what, I never give up on myself. I can now say that I love myself and my spirit is finally free from cover. Unraveling the conditioning and programming continues to take introspection and will never cease. Life is beautiful once you decide to discover what your soul truly came here to do. Mine is to spread love, kindness, and help heal humanity one heart at a time. I hold long-distance sessions and can be contacted by email at

I also host a blog about my journey at

I have written 4 books of poetry available on Amazon. “Emotional Musings,” “My Soul’s Language,” “My Heart’s Song” and “My Soul’s Light”

In light and in shadow, always with love

Maria Teresa Pratico-Swanson

The Bipolar Writer Podcast

The Bipolar Writer Podcast Interview with A.K. Wilson The Bipolar Writer Podcast

About A.K. My name is A.K. Wilson, or otherwise known as Angel. I am a mother, blogger, mental health, and domestic violence survivor advocate. I am a multi-genre author and writer.  I was born in New York, Raised in NJ, made a home in Kentucky. I live life to the fullest and cherish every moment. My links 🙂 Contact James If you are looking for all things James Edgar Skye, you can find his social media visiting Also support a life coach that has influenced me along my journey of self-reflection: The Bipolar Writer Podcast is listener-supported, and for as little as $5 a month, you can help support the mental health advocacy that I do by visiting Please help this podcast grow by sharing with friends or anyone that you think will benefit from the experiences of others and myself. You can also find me on the following websites. You can also find me on the following websites to book your interview, ask questions, and reach out to me. Purchase my books at: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message: Support this podcast:
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  4. The Bipolar Writer Podcast Interview with Norm
  5. The Bipolar Writer Podcast Interview with Kathleen

Always Keep Fighting.

What is the worst that can happen?

James Edgar Skye

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The Bipolar Writer Podcast

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2 thoughts on “The Bipolar Writer Episode Eight

  1. I’m eternally grateful for our fun conversation about where this journey called life has taken us. I sincerely appreciate sharing my hope and faith as inspirational fuel with others. We can and do heal. So much love to you James ❤

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