Imposter Syndrome

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Imposter syndrome. I am not a medically trained expert, and I always come at blog posts from experience. Throughout my life, I know there have been so many doubts about my skill in writing, growing my business, my mental health advocacy work, and at times everything that I do daily. I feel like “what is the point” of every thread that is the life that I have created as they intertwine with one another. More than once I have felt like a “fraud” in this mental health advocacy work that I do, and it leaks into my writing. You can throw into that the doubts that The Bipolar Writer Ghostwriting Services, my business, will become an actual reality in 2021. Then I breathe and realize that the imposter syndrome is not real, and when I live in the now, the imposter syndrome a manifestation of my ego.

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The ego can be so tricky at times, and when you feel like life is going right, it is right there with the doubts. There is no right or wrong here, and that is comforting. Yes, the imposter syndrome is a real thing, but it is what you make it, and for me, it had held me back in 2020, when the whole world went wrong with a pandemic. If I use it as an excuse, it just furthers the ego’s control. The release of identities over months in 2020 has angered the ego. As I continue to live in the now and decide to work on the inner I, the external stuff goes away, which can anger my ego.

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What can you do? Plenty! First detachment from identities, in my life it was writer, businessman, depressed guy, anxious guy, stressed-out dude, and mental health advocate, to name a few. That does not mean that these are not a part of your life, but The Bipolar Writer and James Edgar Skye are part of me, but it can’t define me. When it does, that puts pressure to succeed, and success is not defined by identities. As my life coach always tells me to approach situations, there are no problems, with just the facts. It helps. Identities come with so much weight, let them go, and you will see a change.

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You can put a metaphorical mirror up in situations and see what is causing you to feel fraudulent that you find in other people. It usually means that they are doing something your ego recognizes, and this is a way to break the silence when it comes to how you feel within the imposter syndrome. It also allows us to look at the positives in our life and focus less on the negative, though not comfortable, I know, it really does change the perspective. The imposter syndrome truly is your perspective on your life.

Live this life willing to fail because everyone fails at something, and it never means that it is the end. Learn from the failures and know that it can mean the difference when you approach it with just the facts in a healthy way. I had failures and let them control me and keep me from doing what I love, and where did that get me? Nowhere. When things feel like an imposter feels, I stop and focus on the feelings. I let go of the feeling that failure is a bad thing or a good thing. Many famous people have failed, and yet you know their names without me saying it.

I am sure you can research imposter syndrome further and find what works. What I learned in life coaching is creating my own physics. That is a whole other story, and I would not want to steal from my life coach, but it makes sense. You are your own person, just as much as I am my own person. Find what makes you happy. It is writing and mental health advocacy for me. Then just do it without pressure or even fake it until you make it because people can feel when your not totally in, and above all, do not do what I did, and half-ass what you want.

When I wanted to create a podcast, I used every excuse I could to NOT do it. I bought all the gear, and I knew what I wanted, but I felt like an imposter. Who is James to take his mental health advocacy to the airwaves? I would tell myself I hate my voice, which is not my favorite feature, as an excuse. It is my voice, and that will not stop me. Always be positive because living in a negative world never gets you anywhere.

With that said, stay strong in the fight. Live life and always know the ego wants you to fail.

Always Keep Fighting.

What is the worst that can happen?

James Edgar Skye

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6 thoughts on “Imposter Syndrome

  1. James, I commend you on your continuing journey. You are authentic in your approach and sharing of your experiences. I find small phrases helpful to keep me on track. When negative intrusive thoughts invade my head, I use positive and productive. If my thoughts are neither of those, I repeat the phrase until something of that nature comes to me. My personality is akin to self-sabatoging behavior. I find the phrases gentle but firm works to redirect those impulse behaviors that serve me no good. I find these few phrases helpful in my relationships. They allow me to set and respect boundaries. Failure has been a hard pill to swallow yet when I tell myself that it is a part of success I am more prone to shove fear aside.
    On a more personable note, when reading your post, I see leaps of growth. You have overcome obstacles by not letting them stand in your way. You work around them, through them, or over them. I am ready to see you give you the credit you deserve. You didn’t half-ass do something, you are doing it my friend. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Give compassion to yourself first so others soak it up from your words. You deserve it!! Don’t counter-attack your mini milestones with criticism. Accept them for what you did right and never mention the setbacks. Share how you have overcome the challenges. I eagerly wait to see a post where you give yourself a pat on the back.
    Until then and after, I am cheering you on!!


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