Changes to The Bipolar Writer Blog & Adding Contributors

2020 is quickly coming to an end!

When things get busy in my life, one thing that does not work is that the blog takes a hit. The need to write in when my days are full is something that I miss most. I think we can all agree that 2020 was not the best year, and we all have gone without making the best efforts in our own individual blogs. I have seen people leave blogging for different platforms, and I am working on transitioning to my Podcast platform more, but one thing that stays true for me, The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog.

I plan in the next few weeks to make some changes. Those writers who have not written in a while will be let go, making room for new writers to continue the traditions that have always been about sharing others’ stories on this blog. That is the core that I would like to get back to in the coming weeks before we launch into 2021. I may make some cosmetic changes, but the issue with the contact page has been fixed! 

I am once again opening up some spots to grow The Bipolar Writer Collaborative Blog family. I know many people over the summer reached out, and the issue with the contact page left many people thinking I was not checking, but it is one of those things. I have reached out to some that have expressed over the last few months all the way back to July that there is always room for more writer contributors for the blog.

Photo by Andraz Lazic on Unsplash

I am planning so much to take my mental health advocacy to the next level in 2021. The Podcast and interviews list are always open, and if you would like to be featured on the Podcast through an interview on Zoom, please reach out to the email I will post below or use the new and improved contact page. I am still trying to improve through repetition as I am not the best speaker, but the blog’s spirit is in everything I do with advocacy.

Other things coming are the beginnings of some major writing projects, and today, though I have not really talked about it much, will be the launch of a new book! It is a fictional novella about the psychiatric ward where a young James experiences some of his journey’s beginnings, but the story is 100% fiction. As a writer, things in my life will leak into the story, but it’s my first official launch of a fictional story. You should see a blog post about it yesterday. I wanted to publish it today because it marks the first anniversary of my mom’s passing. It means a lot to publish two books in one year, and you can find my books on my author’s website here. 

I am also going to start a new novel that I am working on with a kindred spirit. Then there are two major two-year project, The Many Faces and Stories of Mental Illness, where all the book proceeds will go to a nonprofit in my future. There will also be a documentary about the project. If you want to be a part of it, I would recommend that you reach out below or on the contact page. Interviews will most likely be 2-3 times to really share your mental illness and story. Reach out for more information! I can be a workaholic at times, and so go to my website for the full list of projects and find information on The Bipolar Writer Ghostwriting Services

Life is always moving, but remember to stay in the now. You can email me directly @

Always Keep Fighting.

What is the worse that can happen?

James Edgar Skye

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