The Bipolar Writer Podcast

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I finally leaped, and with some coaching from my life coach, I decided on that my podcast would become a reality, something that is a long time in the making. The first episode is up, and I will be creating more content in the coming months that will discuss the many issues facing the mental illness and mental health community. I welcome you to The Bipolar Writer Podcast.

There was a lot of fear in making this leap. One, I hate my voice, and the ego was telling me that I had nothing interesting to say, and I was listening. Needless to say, months went by, and in truth, lately, I was dealing with the aftermath of my last suicide plan and my issues with depression but that is an immaterial thing because they were just excuses to not do the podcast. I have the equipment, computer, and everything it takes. I was just scared to take a chance on a different platform to allow me more flexibility and bringing people onto the podcast will be something that is different for me.

The purpose of The Bipolar Writer Blog was to transform into podcasts and even videos in the future. With all my writing projects and my business The Bipolar Writer Ghostwriting Services, it is getting harder to find time to write blog posts, though that is an excuse in itself. You can always find the time. I want to rededicate my time to mental health advocacy in 2021, and this podcast is the next logical step. In December, I will be working on getting episodes prepared to begin to get some podcasts out there in the world. I am looking for potential interviewees in mental health and mental illness realm that includes professionals and those in the mental illness community. I would love to share your story.

There is so much work to be done, but I am staying in the moment and enjoying each moment. It was always that way writing blog posts for The Bipolar Writer Collaborative blog. It will be my honor to be a voice for the community in another place that I believe is needed and allow voices to be heard. It will have the James Edgar Skye edge that I have always used in my blog writing and writing in general. I am excited, and I hope you will join me as a listener!

The Bipolar Writer Podcast

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James Edgar Skye 

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22 thoughts on “The Bipolar Writer Podcast

  1. James, I’m so happy about this. Listening to Podcast has been part of my daily routine – mostly self motivating topics. I look forward to listening to the first episode on my way home after work today.

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  2. Congrats! I am following your podcasts on Spitify

    On Thu., Nov. 19, 2020, 11:25 a.m. The Bipolar Writer Mental Health Blog, wrote:

    > James Edgar Skye posted: ” Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash I finally > leaped, and with some coaching from my life coach, I decided on that my > podcast would become a reality, something that is a long time in the > making. The first episode is up, and I will be crea” >

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  3. I applaud you for taking that step! So many people struggle with mental health (many in my family) and I do think talking about it and not being afraid that people will put you down is the first step. You have to have thick skin to put yourself out there. I am def going to check your podcast out and I support you 100! I am also starting a podcast in 2021. Just like you, I was busy, but put it off thinking what do I have to say that people will listen? Well , just like my first book where I really popped off on the horrible career I was in…..I thought who cares….do what makes YOU happy and think of all those people you may be reaching and helping…good luck and may 2021 be a great year for you

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