Pain in my B#tt

Okay, so its been killing me with the pain and the ways the uncontrollable bowel movements are hampering my life. Like when I had to run out of the classroom to get to the bathroom….ummmm. toooo late. I’m sure you would all prefer not to hear that detail, but, hey that’s life. So I ended up having to go to the car to change and it was a little embarrassing to say the least. Found a running outfit and taught the rest of the day in my spandex. Well, not too embarrassing yet. Hmmm… next part was administration already being mad at me, and telling many on staff that he saw me running out to my car when he thought I was suppose to be using the restroom not running errands. I told him I was gone for all of four minutes and embarrassed myself by having to tell him I pooed and had to get new clothes. I don’t think he really believed me cause he kept telling other staff not to cover for me, even though I had a doctors note that said they had to cover my bathroom breaks at least ever 1.5 hours. But I tend to think at that point I was just too much work for them and they didn’t want to deal with me. Add to the depressive, helpless feeling. Then on top of it my boss brought his dog to school that he was training to be a service dog and I watched him during the school day take it out at least three times (actually one time I was calling him to cover so I could use the bathroom he said he was to busy and I saw him out the window letting his dog get a walk and poop…but not me…that added to my sense of worthlessness…I’m mot even valued as much as a dog. Ughhh…I cried that night…why doesn’t anyone like me just cause I am a hassle and people have to cover my breaks.

Have any of you had similar work, party, family instances in which parts of you illness (irritable bowel syndrome) has a link to anxious depressed people. And if you have a story of victory or even just a vent of how you wish it would go a little better. In the end I no longer work there, so its a bit of a victory if I focus on that good of that.


  1. My fiancee has irritable bowel syndrome. He rarely leaves the house. It causes him a great deal of depression, because he can’t work anymore.

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