This year so far in review

So I have been pretty depressed lately with everything going on. I have been working through the virus as I am an essential employee. Although it has taken its toll on me and I have been fighting through the depression at work. When I get home I take it out on my fiancee who loves me dearly.

I have been doing my regular and group therapy sessions as I am able to, but I can’t always make it to them. I’m struggling to keep myself together.

Author: Bri Bear

I have been a blogger for the past 3 years. i blog about the mental health community.

10 thoughts on “This year so far in review”

  1. Bri–How have you been? I’ve noticed this was your last blog and that was in September. I was thinking about you, and have continued to pray for you. Hoping that you are fighting the lies and embracing the truth. People care for you, God loves you, you are not alone.

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    1. I’m doing a tiny bit better, but anything amount of getting better helps me to look for the light at the end of the tunnel. I know I’m not alone but in those moments of weakness I find myself thinking that I am alone. Thank you for thinking of and praying for me. I really appreciate it.


  2. I am glad to hear you are a tiny bit better. 🙂 Christmas time is difficult for many people, and I will be especially praying for you during this time. Keep holding on sweet girl!! I promise you that times of despair do end, and trials do end—just hang on to life!!


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