A James Edgar Skye Projects Update

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My summer has been nothing short of working to better myself finically, personally, and professionally. James has been super busy working on different projects, and I have some fantastic news. I am starting a business!

That is right. James is using 2020 to really begin to secure his future in writing, teaching, and well other ventures that will better my mental and personal health. So what is coming?

Investing in James

I am so excited to begin my four-month journey to self-discovery in August, as I work with my amazing life coach that will transform who I am by the end. It starts with working with the right life coach who I trust will get me to where I want to be finically, personally, and professionally. I am excited because it is an opportunity to do be a better me. I have achieved so many things in my mental health, it is time to invest in myself! If you want to know more about my life coach, please reach out.

Writing Projects 2020 and Beyond

  • My fiction novella  Angel on the Ward will get its publication this summer or the fall at the latest.
  • My major fantasy fiction novel, The Rise of the Nephilim will be in editing and querying. I am looking for an agent and publisher because of the scope of the project. It will end up being a six-book series. 
  • I know I was supposed to begin interviews for the two-year project The Many faces and Voices of Mental Illness was supposed to begin in July (those that are already on the list will be getting an email soon). The interviews will begin in August. There will always be an invitation to all who want their stories shared in the book if you don’t feel you have a voice. Please contact me through the blog or my author website below. 
  • I have begun to write my major ghostwriting project that will be completed in 2020.

My Ghostwriting Business

Other major news in my life is a lifelong dream. Taking my ghostwriting business to the next level, I will be working on creating an LLC and taking my profession, writing memoirs, and other writing projects to the next level. I will also be creating online courses on the website Udemy. I am looking for all different revenue types in the coming months because I have skills that are useful and can take them to the next level by teaching.

Finishing My Master’s Degree

I am nearing the finish line of something I started in late 2018, finishing my Master’s of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and English. I am looking at a completion early 2021!


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