Sometimes, You Have to Follow Your Heart

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There has been a tug of war in the heart and mind of The Bipolar Writer and James Edgar Skye. What is the best way to launch my Patreon account, and how do I get followers there and interested in my work? How to go about launching my ghostwriting business on my author page? How do I find life balance? When do I make time for my own projects? How best to market my memoir so it reaches more people?

These thoughts have been on my mind as summer ticks into mid-July. All my amazing ideas and thoughts have the best chances of moving forward during these months. I am struggling with time distribution and making time for the most important thing–self-care. As a seasoned vet in the field of mental illness experience, I know once I hit around October, things will slow a bit in my life. I want established practices in place so that I can settle in and focus.

One of the things moving forward, I am committing to my life coach for an intense four-month-long trek into improving energy level and learning more about how I can improve me overall. I am excited to begin this process because, as far as I have come in this mental illness life, there is so much more left to work on for James. I am working with Thought Founder of Grounds for Clarity Kim Johnson, whom I collaborated with in the past with my interview about my suicide attempts and how I moved on. 

Many things happened to me this week that made me realize I need to continue to focus on the beginning of my business. I plan to research all weekend to come up with the right pricing for my services on my website,, so that I can begin building my LLC. That means coming up with legitimate ghostwriting packages in the creative nonfiction memoir niche, which will be my business moving forward. If you have a memoir idea that you need help writing, I have five years of experience taking a book from concept to publication both in self-publishing and traditional publishing.

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Somewhere within the stresses of my day, I lost pieces of me. The peace that comes when my life goals and mental health goals aligning began to get out of whack, and I let the pressures of obligation take over instead of focusing on what is present in the moment. It happens because we are all human at the end of the day.

As for WordPress, you will see some new things here. I have finally put together my little mini-studio, and so look forward to more video blogging alongside my regular written blogs. I am excited about adding this element to my blog. I am working on other improvements in the coming weeks. I am also going to be setting up interviews for my major two-year-long project, “The Many Human Faces and Voices of Mental Illness” (a working title).

I am always hopeful for the future because I can always make adjustments. Commit to working on me and moving forward with my writing. I am at my happiest when I am doing what I love. Creating through writing. If your life me follow your heart. You will question yourself and even have doubts, but your resolve is something that people can’t take away. Stay strong in the fight for better mental health.

Always Keep Fighting


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24 thoughts on “Sometimes, You Have to Follow Your Heart

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  2. I can really relate my friend. I have been pulled between the two as well. Parsing out emotion and working on my writing. It’s a job. I too am not great with time management. I like how you prioritize your self care because as we know, that is the #1. If I’m not fully present for me nothing gets accomplished. I know it’ll all work out. Today I realized I was being too hard on myself and taking some things that weren’t in my control to begin with personally. It’s all a learning process always.

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  3. This is all so great! I know that realizing there is still work to be done personally after already working so hard professionally can be really discouraging. I feel the same way! I finished grad school and was like, now what? Just know how freeing it is to really work on my personal needs. self care sounds time consuming but it will become routine after awhile. Hope to contribute when things settle in my life!

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