We Said Goodbye Six Years Ago Today

My Grandfather with his sister circa 2004

The 4th of July has never been the same, I get that it is this fantastic holiday that we, as Americans, celebrate our Independence Day, and I will always honor the day like all of us, just with a sad heart.

On July 3, 2014, we lost my grandfather forever.

Every year I have honored one of the greatest presence in my life, my grandfather. I once wrote a poem about him called The Bravest Man I Knew. I wanted to spend some time this year talking about the man that was always there for me when I needed him since I was a little boy.

My grandfather was born March 18, 1932, in Ewa Beach, Hawaii (pronounced Eva Beach because the “w” is a “v” in the Hawaiian language). My grandfather and grandmother were married in November (I forget the year). My grandfather served in the United States Army for twenty years. He was an amazing man who loved to buy cars, computers, and was very intelligent (where I get my own smarts).

A fact about my grandfather, he was in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed.

I wish he was here today as I near the end of publishing my first novel. I started going to school for my bachelor’s degree around the time that he got sick with cancer. The doctors gave him six months, and he fought for a year and a half. My grandfather had an amazing spirit, and he was always willing to help his only daughter, my mother, and his grandchildren, he even got to know five out of his six great grandchildren before he passed.

I still remember, he went fast. He was okay in June and then starting on July 2nd be started to lose consciousness and before we knew it he had passed on July 3rd.

It sucked. I was depressed for close to a year after taking care of my grandfather for that year and half. I have never gotten over the suddenness of how cancer can take a person. But he was this amazing man who lived his life, saw the world during his time in the military and drank coffee everyday (which is one of the reasons I am a coffee addict!) My grandfather was, is and always will be loved by those who knew him because he was an amazing man.

Just from these photos, you can see the people that loved him and that five years ago came together to honor this great man. I love my grandfather to this day because he taught me so many great things that I have today. If only he would have seen me continue my recovery with Bipolar 1 and panic disorder, but I believe he is still here in spirit and watching over us with my grandmother.

The last photo was taken weeks before my grandfather passed with his sister visiting. What you don’t see in this photo is all the sweets on his desk not just for him, but his great grandchildren. We all miss you grandpa!

Always Keep Fighting


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17 thoughts on “We Said Goodbye Six Years Ago Today

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss. It doesn’t get easier. It just gets more “normal” (whatever that means). It’s almost been a year for me losing my Mimi. July 15, 2018. You can just never imagine, know, predict, or comfort the pain. It sneaks up on you in the most quiet moments. When everything is balanced and you have felt peace for weeks/months/sometimes years. What we have to remember is that our loved ones are with our Heavenly Father, and they would want us to smile in memory of them. This world brings us pain, and naturally, as our loved ones were in this world with us, they lessened some of our pain. Now, though, their pain is gone. And they sing songs of praise to our Lord’s flawless face. I know my Mimi wouldn’t want to be anywhere else right now. And I know your grandfather wouldn’t either – but if they could both have it their own ways, they would not see us in pain. But life is pain. Life is suffering. Life is not grace and peace and love – all of those beautiful things come later, for they are earned through this world that fights against us.

    Keep your head up. Keep that heart balanced. Keep holding on to our dear life to serve and spread word of our Savior. There is a beautiful hope that will soon be fulfilled for our loving through the pain.
    Praying for you and your family. You’re not alone in this struggle. ❤️

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  2. People will tell you that time heals. I don’t believe it does, time does soften the hurt.
    My mom died in 2000 at the age of 57. I grieve for her every time her birthday comes around and on holidays. There are days I wish I could talk to her about things in my life.
    I was told once if you want to keep the memory of love one alive, talk about them.

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