News About This Week’s Zoom Call

Happy Friday!

My name is Colleen Burns Durda, @theoriginalcbd, and I’m a guest blogger on The Bipolar Writer’s collaborative mental health blog. For the past few weeks, James Edgar Skye, (aka The Bipolar Writer) has hosted a Zoom call to discuss various topics surrounding mental illness and emotional well-being. This week I’ll be guest hosting the call.

In an effort to delve more deeply into some of the topics associated with mental illness, James collaborated with @GroundsForClarity and expanded into a new forum. They co-moderate a server on Discord called Community Mental Health Discussions. It’s on the Discord Channel that we’ll post the link to join the Zoom call. The call will take place tomorrow on Saturday June 13th starting at 5pm CDT.

Here’s how to participate: Go to or download the Discord app. Set up an account and a username. Request to friend JamesEdgarSkye#4190 and navigate to Community Mental Health Discussions to find lots of topics that may interest you. I’ll post the Zoom link in the Announcements thread.

If this sounds like something you’d like to try, please do. Don’t let the technology intimidate you. If I figured it out, it can’t be too difficult. I’d love to see you on Saturday and discuss mental health. If you can’t join the call this week, check out Discord. I will be posting here, in this space, at a later date. You can also find me on my own blog

Have a fabulous weekend,



5 thoughts on “News About This Week’s Zoom Call

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  2. All right, first couple of steps finished. Discord app installed and James friended. Now, I’m having trouble figuring out the third step, navigate to a server on Discord called Community Mental Health Discussions. I tried “Join a Server”, but didn’t have the invite link. I tried a general search in Discord for Community Mental Health Discussions, but did not find it. Any tips? I’d like to attend the Zoom meeting tomorrow.


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