Have You Seen my Motivation?

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I found myself unmotivated today to work on school or actual work that is piling up a bit, and I know I need to get back on top. In a sense, I have lost my motivation today, and if you happened upon it, let me know!

Personal things in our lives can contribute to a lack of motivation. So can the fact that I have been pushing hard on grad school, my job as a writer, and of course, my increase in mental health advocacy. Perhaps I am still trying to overcompensate for things that I am not over in my life, which is why I am zapping some of my motivation today.

What is great about sharing my life with the readers of my blog is that it gives me a chance to work through my issues. On the platform, I designed for that exact reason. The more I write, I tend to refocus on what is essential in the present. Life is all about the ups and downs. You have days where you are super motivated and can write the “Great American Novel.” Then there are days in this mental illness life where you just want to be healthy for five seconds. Perhaps it is too much pressure to take on the world, but that is one part of my personality that I like about myself.

So when my motivation went missing today, I turned to my writing. That is what makes life great. To have a chance to share a piece of my life at this moment. Perhaps motivating someone who is feeling the same is the perfect way to live life when you feel motivated. I wrote a chapter in my memoir about how to write when things are muddled, and today’s life feels a bit muddled. You can always catch your second wind, and that is where I am heading for the rest of my day. I hope if you are feeling the same that you can find commonality within this post. Stay strong in the fight.

Always Keep Fighting


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16 thoughts on “Have You Seen my Motivation?

  1. James, another solid post. I am inspired by your blog and I believe others are too. So I nominated you for the Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award, an unofficial award acknowledging your work. Keep your head up. Many blessings, The Devotional Guy™

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  2. You’ve done an excellent job with the design and content of your squarespace writer’s website. I used Squarespace too for my writer’s site. I’m amazed at your level of motivation and accomplishments, given the additional and difficult obstacle of your illness. Bravo!

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