The Humans of Mental Illness: A Book Idea

My First Big Announcement of 2020

Stories. They are meant to be shared with the world. Mental illness stories are no different.

We all have a mental illness story. It begins sometime in the past where our realization and, at times, hospitalization leads to an understanding that you have a mental illness. Then begins the story and the journey. I have written my story, and now I am ready to share the stories of those in the mental illness community.

I have been preparing for a summer project that could be a year or two in the making. I want to create a book with the stories of those willing to share their stories. I have done this before at there blog level, and I am not ready to do this at the book level. My book would be an in-depth look at the stories of those who don’t have the writing skills to share their story but desperately want their voices heard. I want to bring together a book that will show the human side of mental illness and break the stereotypes and stigmas that we face.

I know there are so many great stories, and I want to share them. My hope with this project is not to make money for me but to help launch podcasts, YouTube channels, a Facebook page, and so many ideas to help those in the mental illness community. It will be a book of stories. Crucial to ending the stigma but also showing the world that we have a voice and its importance.

I have been utilizing the platform Zoom to do interviews for my memoir, as well as interviewing the subject of the book I will be ghostwriting this year. It has opened up so many possibilities for interviewing those willing to have me write their stories. I don’t know if this plan will hold water, but if you are interested, please reach out. I will be ironing out the details, including some interview questions I have everything, including ways to record and transcribe at my fingertips. I want this project to work so that we can have more voices in the world of mental illness and mental health.

Always Keep Fighting


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46 thoughts on “The Humans of Mental Illness: A Book Idea

  1. Reblogged this on Bet Free Recovery Now. Sharing Gambling Recovery, Hope, & Supporting Others. and commented:
    I want to say “Thank You” to James for not only his bravery to with the world about his mental health challenges in the form of writing and sharing his voice, stories, and experiences, as it surely gives me and many I am sure much HOPE and to know we are not alone with mental illness. I think a book project would be an amazing idea of shared voices and stories as it would help shatter the stigma around mental illness and help others learn that those of us who have mental and emotional challenges can still lead a happy, normal life! That is why I am REBLOGGING James’s post! “-) Catherine

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  2. I am IN LOVE with this idea as a platform to launch other spectacular stories of triumph over heartache. James, count me all the way in!! I can share my story of hospitalizations and my partners too. Great plan for posi Ty I’ve action to turn this stigma around ❤❤❤

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  3. I would be interested in sharing my story. I have not written on WordPress yet simply because I have always felt embarrassed to have mental illness. Recently I have learned to embrace my “normal ness” and want to share what that looks like. Any platform would be fine including Zoom. Good luck!

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  4. Please update on the project for submissions! I would love to be a part of this amazing project. Like all of us who live and strive with a mental illness, sharing a personal account helps other on their journey. Awesome idea, awesome blog, and awesome writer. Thanks for everything 🙏

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  6. Hey James, I came upon a book that you may find enjoyable. It is called Lost Connection by Johann Hari. It speaks to depression and anxiety, it explains these to be at an epidemic level. He explains why and the causes through scientists research. Also with many personal stories. I thought I would share this with you! Happy Monday!

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    • Thank you. This project has taken a back seat this summer but I am giving it life in October and I will begin to interview people. Please reach out my email through the contact page on my site. I would like to add you to the list. Thank you for reaching out.


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